Seventeen candidates were elected to the legislative assembly of Nunavut Monday during the territorial elections. Five incumbents ran unopposed. The sixth legislative assembly of Nunavut will meet for the first time on Nov. 17. (Photos courtesy of Elections Nunavut)

Nunavut’s Sixth Legislative Assembly

17 MLAs elected, 5 acclaimed; new legislature meets Nov. 19

By Nunatsiaq News


Five MLAs from the previous legislative assembly ran unopposed. (Photos courtesy of Elections Nunavut)

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(38) Comments:

  1. Posted by Toonik’s Grandfather on

    OUT with “old school”, make room “new school is taking over.

    • Posted by Yuppers on

      Yes yes need new political leaders. Time for new prospects and good leadership with the new. It is too bad that nobody opposed the ones that been put back on. Joe should never be elected as a premier again. Too biased. Towards his own people
      All others are doing the best they can for their constituents. Hope for change .

      • Posted by Oh Ima on

        Ok, so what are you talking about biased towards his own people? Are you talking about his community of Arviat or are you talking about Inuit?

        • Posted by Yuppers ! on

          To all hunters bases to all harvesters think only of himself while he could’ve helped thousands of hunters who put food on the table refuses to match our own neighbours bounty on wolves The list goes on but this internet takes too long in this isolated town in the territory to keep on. Keep on everyone

    • Posted by New on

      Pls pls, no old guys in cabinet!! No Savikataaq, no Hicks, no Kusugak!! Make us believe in Nunavut again! Keep those guys in check!

  2. Posted by Piitaqanngi on

    Cabinet will sure have a good opposition unlike the last one. Alright rookies keep those old MLAs in check, especially those that got acclaimed.

  3. Posted by Umingmak on

    I’ve been following politics at all three levels of government for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a high percentage of incumbents lose their seats. New blood is good for the government though.

    Hoping to see Kusugak named Premier. He’s got the experience and proven leadership abilities to lead Nunavut going forward.

    • Posted by Out of touch on

      Kusugak for Premier? What in the world makes you think that is a good idea? A good name can certainly get a person farther than their talent might warren in life, but let’s not get carried away. He is not premier material, at all.

  4. Posted by Maybe Someone on

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Looks like a 2-way race for Premier between Akeeagok and Kusugak. I can live with either one.

    • Posted by River Rat on

      Woah, woah, woah there Maybe Someone. You’re forgetting George. He will likely be the third horse in that race. There is no one more experienced in the Legislative Assembly now as it stands. George is the most senior. He deserves our support when he runs for Premier.

        • Posted by Noway! on

          George doesn’t serve to be premiere! He doesn’t care about elders, local Inuit. Sivuliqtiksaungittuq!

          • Posted by Hosay! on

            Nunavut is Inuit Territory for hundreds of years! We need a premier who believe and stands for Inuit!! 100% Go PJ!!

    • Posted by No thanks! on

      No thank you! Joe after the coup to get him in, Joe listens and takes too much orders from his staff, not the other way around, we need a true leader with vision not someone that just takes orders from bureaucrats.

  5. Posted by Cambay on

    Nice to see solid candidates in Ikaluktuutiak. Must be the only riding where all the candidates were actually educated on the issues and have a level of education beyond a GED.

  6. Posted by Northern Guy on

    Why is no one talking about the brutal levels of voter turnout for this election? Less than 50% of eligible Nunavummiut cast a ballot and in some ridings like Sinaa it was as low as 30%. How about this for a rule! If you couldn’t be bothered to go out and vote you no longer have the right to complain about what the new government does and doesn’t do. You have to exercise your franchise or keep your yapp shut!

    • Posted by John K on

      I didn’t vote.

      But rest assured that I will complain at length about anything I want to complain about.

    • Posted by Nunavummiutajunga on

      Voter turn out was disappointing in particular for Sinaa, the new MLA was voted in by 97 people, about 11% of the eligible voters. I think as always Sanikiluaq had the a very good turn out, about 68 % and the new MLA was voted in by about 47% of the eligible voters.

    • Posted by Inuk1 on

      And not one word about the nearly 67% voter turnout in Cambridge Bay and how it’s going to a Judicial Recount.
      Pam Gross – 224
      Jeannie Ehaloak – 215
      Peter Ohokak – 209
      Only 15 votes between first and last, this election could have gone any way. Cambridge Bay historically always has high voter turnout. Why is that never mentioned in these articles?

    • Posted by No Mention on

      No mention of the high voter turnout in Cambridge Bay either (66.9%) and it being so close between the 3 to trigger a Judicial Recount! Only 15 votes separate the winner and 3rd place!
      Pam – 224
      Jeannie – 215
      Peter – 209

    • Posted by Qakuqtaq on

      Does these old cabinet fellows even know the land claims agreement? Too much fun having their hayday as privileged cabinet ministers! We NEED CHANGE!! WE NEED MAJOR CHANGE!!

  7. Posted by Common Sense on

    It was nice to see different polling stations for different ridings, but wouldn’t it make sense to have those polling stations at those actual ridings? It could’ve made a difference.

    Things that make you go hmmm!

    • Posted by Nunavummiutajunga on

      I think there should be a mobile voting station for all the communities in Nunavut to get majority of people to vote, Nunavut is small enough this could be the advance poll and than election day be at a fixed location…

  8. Posted by Yes, John on

    John Main for Premier.
    He’s intelligent.
    He knows his stuff.
    He’s bilingual.
    He’s someone who younger Nunavummiut can identify with.

    • Posted by Booo on

      I only booo’d your comment because he is so effective in the Assembly. He asks really good, well thought out questions and seems to be the only MLA who challenges the ministers and makes them accountable for their spending. If he were to become premier, at least he wouldn’t be as embarrassing as the last one., but then who would be the voice of reason during their meetings?

      • Posted by No Moniker on

        I wholeheartedly agree on the quality and importance of Main’s abilities. Sad, isn’t it, that the thought of losing that one effective voice in the legislature might deprive us of a great Premier given what a rare commodity it is?

        We need more people like John. I’m not sure if we will find that in this newly elected lot, but I hope so.

  9. Posted by Boring, i wish to block every news about politics on

    i can’t wait until this is all over, I don’t get how people can be obsessed about politics. especially if you can’t argue with the politicians because they’re protected from a.m. to p.m.
    you have no say, even if yout vote. still lose


    • Posted by S on

      Boring, you are so right; $3 billion of public money will be spent, wastefully and dishonorably, in Nunavut over the next twelve months. Neither you, I or anyone of a couple of caring politicians will have any effect or influence on that. Really, as uou say, what’s the ppint if we can’t argue with the politicians, ALL of whom are protected 24/7. We can call our system and society a democracy, but it isn’t. It is a very far cry from “government by the people, for the people, and of the people”

  10. Posted by Crystal Clarity on

    George Hickes or John Maine would make good premiers.

    • Posted by Brain washed on

      What planet are you from?? That would be a joke for Nunavut to put a unilingual English speaker as Premier! Get your head together!

    • Posted by Tapirlutiit on

      Why? They are good team mates in kicking Premier and other cabinets out? Outrageous!

      • Posted by Right! on

        Right Tapirlutiit! The old boys club with Joe, John, George, Lorne, and the staff behind them work to get rid of good MLAs who see what is wrong with the GN and try to make changes only to get kicked out by these guys.
        I hope all of these old boys club won’t be appointed to the Minister positions or the Premier position.
        I think a lot of us saw what they were doing and it was disgusting. We need better for Nunavut.


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