Nuuk fighting suicide


The city of Nuuk is trying to offer help to people in crisis, by a special telephone line for relatives of those who have committed suicide, and for anyone grappling with suicidal thoughts.

The service has received more than 50 calls since it was set up in May.

The crisis line is open 24-hours a day, and users can also receive face-to-face counseling during the Nuup Kommunea’s regular daytime hours.

The crisis line was set up after six people committed suicide in Nuuk during the month of May.

Nuuk is planning to cut off the special line at the end of this month. However, at the end of August, there will be an evaluation about the crisis line’s success and whether it should continue, writes the Nuuk newspaper, AG.

“During the first 14 days, we had 30 enquiries, primarily from relatives of those who had committed suicide. Now we receive three or four enquiries from persons who have suicidal thoughts, and our task is to listen and advise,” said Aviaaja Rohmann Pedersen, a minister with the local Lutheran church in Nuuk.

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