NWMB wants comment on fishery report

Wildlife board ponders recommendations aimed at creating accountability, transparency


The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board wants advice from the public on what to do with a new “independent” report on Nunavut’s offshore fishery.

The recently-released report, called Organizational and Performance Review of Nunavut’s Offshore Fishing Industry, was prepared for the Government of Nunavut.

Members of the public may get copies of the report, or an executive summary of the report, from the wildlife board’s office in Iqaluit.

The independent review’s recommendations include:

* the creation of a Nunavut Allocation Advisory Committee for the fishery, comprising representatives of the GN and NTI, to give advice to the wildlife board on making “fair, objective and transparent fishery allocation recommendations and decisions”;
* the mandatory allocation of part of the turbot quota each year for inshore test fishing;
* allocations should, ideally, go to communities rather than private individuals or corporations;
* each quota applicant should be required to submit a business plan, a governance plan, and a benefits plan;
* at the end of each fishing season, each commercial enterprise that receives quota should submit a year-end report detailing the year’s operations, including how it met, or failed to meet, its business, governance and benefits plans;
* the reduction or removal of fishing quota from enterprise that fail to comply with plans or reporting requirement.

Any member of the public may send comments about the fisheries review, in writing, to the NWMB office in Iqaluit.

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