As of April 16, Nunavik has declared 13 cases of the novel coronavirus in the region. Of these, 12, including the latest, are in the community of Puvirnituq. (File image)

Nunavik reports one more case of COVID-19, and another recovery

Puvirnituq currently has 12 of region’s 13 confirmed cases

By Nunatsiaq News

Another case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Puvirnituq, the 12th in the community and 13th across the region, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services confirmed on April 16.

The latest person to have the infection diagnosed was already in isolation at home and will remain there until they recover. There are now 11 active cases of COVID-19 in Puvirnituq.

Some good news also came with the announcement: there has been a second recovery from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

As with the first confirmed case in Salluit, one of the people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Puvirnituq has recovered.

After recovering, people are no longer required to remain in isolation, and the health board encourages community members not to stigmatize those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

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  1. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    The NRBHSS has maintained, at least up until this latest case, that there is no community spread in Puvirnituq.
    So we are to believe that this is contained all within one family in one house? Not unbelievable considering family sizes, multi-generational families all living under one roof, and chronic overcrowding.
    It does point out the need to be able to isolate infected people separately from other family members. While that may have been done in this case, I have my doubts.
    The other thing this illustrates is how quickly the Covid-19 virus can spread. Everyone in Nunavik and Nunavut should be paying attention to what happens in Puvirnituq.

  2. Posted by Puvirnituq is our measurement. on

    Puvirnituq is our measurement, sort of. It sometimes has different patterns in different areas, but it’s what we have right now to watch. The last case confirmed, as you must realize, could be from epdimiologic, not tested , but inferred by close association, mean they had all the symptoms, therefore is, not tested as is. Not saying that this makes any difference, but it’s an indication that we will probably hear about more as days go, just by this method of confirmation. Another concern as the recovering persons go out and about, is: what about a second chance of getting it, like testing positive a second time. This appears to be rare, but could it be so?

  3. Posted by Prefers animosity on

    The problem here is that they refuse it will happen to them !!
    Most people walk around with gloves and masks, but yet refuse to distance themselves and will shop in 2 different grocery store 3 to 4 times daily. Although they are saying one family, it IS 2 seperate homes…. so what does that mean for the communal outbreak then ? If it started in one home, how is it that it has spread to another? Likeliness because they were never isolated to begin with. So who else did they visit ? What grocery stores were their contacts shopping at ? I guess time will tell over the next couple of days. Also, they have pushed the curfew up to 10 pm. Most definitely need the canadian army here to start enforcing, because in my opinion, it is only going to get worse over the next week !!

    • Posted by You are correct on

      Yes your are correct, it’s coming. The wave is on its way. Everything being reported daily, is mirrored from weeks ago. That’s how we are in continuous progression of none stop positive cases. It’s all to do with weeks ago. It’s like a short light year, turned down to week year instead. We’re seeing what happened in the past, coming quickly towards the present , but never catching up. To catch up is what is needed to flatten it out, but, it’s difficult, due also to people still not seeing what’s happening, or not understanding, and not following the recipe, in any case. So what we do today, will show up good or bad in next few weeks. The communities that yet have no positive cases, are already relaxing too early, thinking it’s not coming. But what’s needed is to continue the preventive practices, like a rehearsal to get ready for the big show.

  4. Posted by No Name Brand on

    It is in the region but somewhat contained.
    We are also not counting the people who may have it without any symptoms.
    We will not know unless everyone got tested.

  5. Posted by Uumisuqattarituarami on

    Bingo night in Umiujaq as ordered by the one running the town.

    Turn on then off like water tap.

  6. Posted by Trying to follow reports on

    It’s not always easy to follow the progression of covid-19, but as I try to sort it out, there’s appears to be new developments worth noting as possible vital aspects in an ongoing battle. CBC news this morning reporting on Italy, with officials there suggesting the 14 day quarantine is not adequate, as people are still testing positive and affecting others after the 14 day period. Some are suggesting 30 days quarantine might be needed instead. If you applied that to our situation ion Nunavik, it might be concerning, especially for those recovering from the epidemiology category of confirmation, as these are people that were never truly tested and are not tested thereafter the declaration of being recovered. I’m thinking as well as concern that there’s lots of weak spots we are just finding out about , or we’ll find out about, sometimes too late.

  7. Posted by Positives that recover on

    I’m reading about those that have recovered are free to roam. No more isolation needed. As one would suppose, according to health authorities there’s no chance of a second infection, and ones that have recovered are not going to infect others. I’m wondering thou about anyone being a carrier, whether positive or not, as people can carry it on their cloths, hands, and things that they’re using as they approach other people. Like picking it up, not to infected themselves, but passing it along as they go about their roaming.

  8. Posted by Stigma on

    Noticing many request out there to not stigmatized and bully anyone with this illness, I say the same to anyone who hurts another person that way. One thing I do know is that bullying, shaming is alive and well in our Nunavik society. Shaming was always a big part of life in the past as well, it had some good benefits to keep people from doing bad things. But today , you have these people that thrive on the downfalls of others. They bully. But let me tell bullying fouls, karma is just waiting to get you back. Meaning if you hurt others, it will come back to you in due time.

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