Open letter to the community of Iqaluit from Arctic Co-operatives

“We will not be taking advantage of the change in the local competitive landscape in our pricing”

Iola Innuaraq and the rest of the staff are “working hard to meet the community’s needs” at the the Arctic Ventures Marketplace, ACL says.


We would like to acknowledge the concerns of the residents of Iqaluit with the catastrophic loss of a key piece of community infrastructure.

The fire that struck on Nov. 8, 2018 shocked us all, and we would like to simply offer some reassurance to the community.

Arctic Ventures has a long history of serving and helping the community of Iqaluit. It is a part of the Arctic co-operative system and, since the early hours of Nov. 8, the whole co-op network has been using its collective capacity for procurement, logistics and staffing to ensure that the needs of residents in Iqaluit are being met.

After a brief period of adjustment, we are very confident that we can reliably provide for the grocery needs of the community.

Co-ops have spent the last 59 years building capacity in the Arctic communities. Arctic Ventures is collectively owned by 32 community co-ops in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

The co-op business model is different, founded upon several core principles, one of which is “Concern for Community.” They are your neighbours, your family and your friends.

On behalf of the entire co-op system and Arctic Ventures Marketplace, we want to communicate our personal assurance and commitment that we will not be taking advantage of the change in the local competitive landscape in our pricing.

As a co-operative enterprise, the concept of working together comes naturally. We would like to acknowledge and thank the City of Iqaluit and countless suppliers and service providers who all stepped up in the genuine spirit of cooperation and civic concern.

We would also like thank all of the staff, both in Iqaluit and at the support office, for all they have done and continue to do to service the needs of the community.


Kono Tattuinee
Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.

Rod Wilson
Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.

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