Jeannie Ehaloak is the minister responsible for Qulliq Energy Corporation. (Photo by Meagan Deuling)

Nunavut’s power corp. offers ‘flexible payment options’ to customers

Qulliq Energy Corp. also says late fees will be waived, and it won’t cut off service

By Meagan Deuling

Nunavut’s power corporation is offering its customers “flexible payment options” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeannie Ehaloak, the minister responsible for Qulliq Energy Corp., announced on Monday, April 27, that residential and commercial customers struggling to pay their electricity bills will receive support during the pandemic.

They can get in touch with QEC’s customer service department to discuss payment plan options.

This doesn’t mean that customers don’t have to pay their bills, Ehaloak said.

Until further notice, for the customers who apply for flexible payment options, late fees will be waived, interest will not accrue, the corporation won’t disconnect service, and load limiters will not be applied, she said.

A load limiter restricts how much electricity is available to a household or business.

All previous load limiters have been removed and all disconnection notices have been stopped, Ehaloak said.

A previous version of this story said that until further notice, late fees will be waived, interest will not accrue, and the corporation won’t disconnect service. But that is only true for customers who apply for flexible payment options.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Suvaguuq on

    Thanks Minister Ehaloak. Maybe you can tell the Minister of Housing to get back to his office and make an announcement on lowering rental rates during Covid 19. …. where is he anyways??

  2. Posted by Thanks for the late fee on

    It seems like by time a bill gets to Iqaluit from Baker Lake the time had passed and a late fee is incurred. I don’t get why these guys can’t get with 2020 and email bills – maybe that takes away someone’s job licking envelopes?

    Thanks for waiving it though for now.

  3. Posted by Utility Rates Review Board? on

    Who authorized this? All customers will have to pay the brunt of this change. Not sure if this was a good announcement.

    • Posted by Sammy Seal on

      It seems like a lazy way to roll out any program. Shouldn’t there be criteria on who is eligible?
      Is this something someone dreamed up on a cigarette break and decided to announce? I think some serious questions need to be asked about this. A year from now we will be all complaining about the high cost of electricity.

  4. Posted by just asking on

    Why some cannot pay the bill during covid-19 the only one out of job right now are mining but they still pay, where you should help its for the home owner to have maybe a rebate the time no school where our house are full all day long and my bill have almost double last month, if you want help do it right.

  5. Posted by Look at the bigger picture on

    There seems to be an excess of funds floating around that is being distributed to those whose income has not changed because they were without work to begin with. Now you have organizations saying you dont have to pay your bills and there is no penalty. This is doing no favours to anybody. Eventually folks will need to pay and delaying it only means higher costs to trying to collect outstanding invoices will be passed on to those who do pay. These organizations also have to pay interest to their banks etc. It seems nobody is looking at how these actions are doing more harm then good. I do not agree with promoting this initiative as something to be proud of.

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