Orford announces start of nickel, diamond mining projects in Nunavik

Work taking place at West Raglan, Qiqavik sites

Orford Mining Corp. announced the beginning of nickel and diamond mining projects at two Nunavik sites, identified on this map. (Map courtesy of CNW Group/Orford Mining Corporation)

By Nunatsiaq News

The start of mining projects at two Nunavik sites was announced this week by Orford Mining Corp.

In a news release Monday, it said crews are stationed at its West Raglan site for nickel exploration and drilling.

This year, drilling will focus on “testing high-conductance anomalies consistent with possible nickel sulphide sources,” the release said, on a site covering 839 square kilometres of central Nunavik.

This project will mark the first time nickel drilling has occurred on the site since 2015.

In a separate news release Tuesday, Orford announced the beginning of its 2022 diamond drilling and exploration project at its Qiqavik site.

Exploration will include geological and geophysical surveying of the land, with drilling set to begin in July.

“After starting from scratch on this property we have built an impressive geological, geochemical and geophysical data base which is pointing to strong targets,” said David Christie, Orford’s president and CEO.

“The 2022 program will be the most aggressive program on the Qiqavik property in its short history.”


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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by Attasi Pilurtuut on

    Rich in minerals around Nunavik region, would be interesting to find partner on shared employer

  2. Posted by Are the Land Guardians… on

    Only concerned with keeping everyone poor in Pond or are they Guardians of the Galaxy? Groot

  3. Posted by Stephen Grasser on

    Hmm – I don’t think your writer understands the difference between diamond drilling and drilling for diamonds. The first is using a diamond encrusted drill head to go through rock, and the second is drilling hoping to find diamonds.

    The map shows no research for diamond mining, only nickel, copper, gold and platinum group elements.

  4. Posted by Another qallunaat company ready to exploit the North on

    I wonder how Sheila Watt-Cloutier feels about this


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