Over 200 protesters in Iqaluit call for mental health help “now”

A moment of silence is held on Friday afternoon in Iqaluit to remember those who have died by suicide in Nunavut. A crowd of over 200 gathered at the city’s main intersection, carrying signs with the names of loved ones lost, and that called for mental health support. The protesters marched to Nunavut’s legislature and handed a list of those names to Premier Joe Savikataaq. The crowd heckled Savikataaq when he said the government is doing everything it can. People shared stories of their healing journey and their struggles to get the mental health care they need. The protest’s leaders are demanding more front-line workers immediately and that mental health be taught in schools. Similar protests took place at the same time in communities across Nunavut. (Photo by Meagan Deuling)

By Meagan Deuling

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  1. Posted by Dr. Freud on

    Is this a one time event, or will there be an on-going series of protests until the situation is resolved?

  2. Posted by More front line workers from where? on

    Mental health is very important. Seeing people protest is good. But people are not getting the messages very well in the North about mental health. Protest the alcohol and drug abuse. Protest neglect and child abuse. Protest the domestic violence and lateral violence in the population. Protest lack of motivation to get educated northerners on the front lines. Stop demanding that southerners must be the ones taking care of northerners who fail to fail to look after themselves. Mental health has its roots in abuse all too often, and protesting the wrong reasons don’t help. Start looking within. You could say that all the abuse comes from lack of mental health services, but if there’s no motivation and insight within you, you can’t be helped very much.

  3. Posted by The Native on

    There are so many protests that they starting to lose there effect. Plan something different to get people attention. In convincing people by blocking traffic is not helping you causes. Mental Health is important as is every other protest reason but I feel protest are not having the effect you are looking for.

  4. Posted by The cheap protest on

    The protest have become a cheap way to do something when you don’t take care of your situation in the first place. If people work a bit at life and their situation in the first place, things wouldn’t need protesting. I’m not saying all protesting is wrong, but there are too much noise made with no results with protest today. Life is more than protesting. Lots of people only protest, they don’t do any thing but protesting. Looking after your life becomes a protest. I never took part in one and will never do so. Too busy doing my best.

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