Pair arrested for drug trafficking in Kuujjuaq 

Police seize multiple substances, thousands in cash

Quebec provincial police say they charged two men in Kuujjuaq with drug trafficking follow a search on Thursday morning (File photo)

By Jeff Pelletier
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Provincial police in Kuujjuaq arrested two men in connection with what they described as an out-of-region drug-trafficking operation.

In a news release, Quebec provincial police said its officers and Nunavik Police Service members arrested two men, ages 29 and 41, and carried out five searches on Thursday morning.

The searches — which took place in Kuujjuaq and the town of Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Que. —  targeted three residences, an extermination business and a company vehicle.

“This operation aims to dismantle a drug trafficking network operating in the Kuujjuaq region, the supply of which would come from the Lanaudière region,” the news release, written in French, said.

The investigation is ongoing and further arrests and searches may be carried out, it said.

Police say officers seized:

  • 110 grams of cocaine;
  • 1.36 kilograms of cannabis;
  • 300 methamphetamine tablets;
  • 10 grams of psilocybin, a hallucinogen;
  • $21,050 in cash as well as a safe; and
  • Bags and transport boxes for cocaine. 

Police would not yet release the suspects’ identities because they haven’t formally been charged in court, provincial police spokesperson Sgt. Nancy Fournier said in an interview.

“The two suspects were released by way of summons, so no court date was given,” Sgt. Éloïse Cossette wrote in an email to Nunatsiaq News.

The two suspects face drug trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking charges, and may face more charges under the Cannabis Act and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, police said.

The arrests were made as part of a provincial police program that has been targeting illegal cannabis dealing in Quebec since the substance was federally legalized in 2018.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Kuujjuamiuk on

    Good news !!!!! as if , we don t have enough alcohol problem , all these drug ae comming in , KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS.

  2. Posted by peter on

    Why are these folks released, with the amount of drugs seized, cash ect they should be charged, remanded and prosecuted, enough is enough.

  3. Posted by The Future Calling on

    I expect psilocybin will be decriminalized in the near future. The government is currently allowing studies to be done on its efficacy as a treatment for depression, PTSD and other mental disorders which have yielded very promising results. Of course the government moves at a glacial pace when it comes to any kind of meaningful change. Still, this may very well be the beginnings of a new treatment paradigm, which is good as the current model produces little more than huge profits for companies that make expensive drugs with inconsistent results.

  4. Posted by Great Job on

    Great work by the Police to rid the streets of very harmful drugs.
    The people selling the sh** deserve to rot in prison and have their names plastered in shame in all public places.

    These busts will keep things quiet for a while but only for a short time until another lowlife starts selling again.
    These “pop up” companies should have better business plans to begin working in Nunavik.
    It was a good intention with “speedy” service, but the harmful effects on the community are not worth it.
    Why does this article make me crave for a poutine? Or maybe a special submarine?

  5. Posted by Out of region still in tune on

    Maybe no poutine tonight, but that’s fine. Great busting the out of regions, but don’t forget the in the regioners. Not that difficult to track, if you ask me, just look at big ticket elimination draws, that keeps going and going, me think so. I mean who could afford that kind of money to host such draws ? Worth looking into I think. And the house and toys and stuff on top of stuff. Get the taxman up here as well. Do assessments on those with all the toys. Compare income and assets and what they’re selling. Thanks police great job.

    • Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

      These elimination draws are , a way of laundering drug proceeds . A good forensic account can figure it out.

      • Posted by Absolutely on

        Yes, you’re right. It’s hard to believe it keeps going on, right out in front. It’s an indentation of blinded leadership. You heard talk from some leaders that they’re going to do something about drugs, and the dealer presents their resume right out in front of them, over and over. What’s going on ? Get the taxation of Quebec and Canada to help stop this .

  6. Posted by Kuujjuaq popular high on

    The supply for the demand of drugs in kuujjuaq. So many of kuujjuaq population is going around either drunk from booze or stoned out of the world at any given time. What’s with people that are using so much? Life must be difficult to navigate for them. And then wonder about losing culture traditions, way of life. People exist , but don’t experience life. Society has broken away from them , and them from society. Vital statistics should be present to the people : alcohol and drug related: death, injury, assault, thief, abuse, sexual and physical and emotional. Social services involved, dyp. Many kids are also having a bad life, living the reality of parents drinking and using continuously, those not detected by any dyp, or in a statistical count. It’s misery for so many. Keep these bust going. It’s cutting into the supply, but reason for the demand needs more awareness and intervention.

  7. Posted by Kuujjuaq remove drug dealers on

    Kuujjuaq get off your butt and remove those drug dealers. Send the ones from south , back south. And get more creative with capturing the local ones, and get them removed also. Send the local away too. Make their names household items. As though they’re not already known. Every time a new one comes on scene, get it out of town immediately. Stop allowing anyone to come in, we are vulnerable, and the municipal should check all persons coming in, professional or not professional. Don’t allow local businesses to hire from out of town, unless approved by criminal check, and any other history of the persons coming in to town. Even people coming from other communities, need to be screened. This is not difficult to do. It just takes a little guts and concern for the population.

  8. Posted by It becomes interesting on

    Naming the one’s arrested for selling drugs will only benefit everyone, but no need to name . In Kuujjuaq, we already know. That being said, it’s interesting now since they were napped, but not officially charged, but still how’s the mood now between their co workers and the employers that they otherwise work for in kuujjuaq? And they still go around the community interacting with people. There must be non welcome mats thrown out around to them as well. I know the junkies are disappointed, but I’m talking about the real caring people of the community. Yes, get them out.

  9. Posted by Many more out there on

    Shame on you, drug dealers, traffickers suppliers! while you roll in the money, there are hungry children, having nowhere to go when they’re parents are high, elders being intimidated to hand in their little pensions while they will also need their feed freeloading adult children and grandchildren .
    Families living in poverty because there’s no resources to help them overcome their addictions.

    These losers are not the only destroyers, there’s many, many more. I wish you could crack down on them.

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