Parents use teachers as punching bags


I am a school teacher and I am fed up being used as a punching bag.

Too many times, and too often, teachers and principals are abused by parents. The forms of abuse are verbal and physical or threats, or all of the above. We accept it because we have children to look after and educate.

I have observed children disagreeing amongst themselves. They say the most horrible things to each other. However, they will naturally forgive each other and solve their own problems.

As adults, we tend to hold grudges toward each other a lot longer, whereas kids forget their disagreements in a matter of minutes.

Children have their own culture. They are natural at fabricating their own stories; in fact they are famous for it.

Furthermore, some parents are famous for believing their children, word for word. For this reason, a parent fuming with rage confronts a teacher or a principal. Usually a parent makes a fool of himself after learning the real story.

And some kids are good at manipulating their parents and enjoy being a spectator while their mommy or daddy is dumping personal problems at school personnel. Children see, children learn.

This kind of behaviour is tolerated by many Nunavut educators. In reality, teachers and principals are such easy targets. We tolerate a lot. But our tolerance can only go so far.

Teach your child to be self-confident. Make them resilient. You can’t fight their battles all the time. Otherwise, your child will grow up without adequate coping skills.

(Name withheld by request)

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