Peacenik seeks Inuktitut translations


I am working on a peace project that translates 20 geographic terms into 20 languages. I have completed and-or acquired translations for 14 of the languages from English to Russian to Chinese to Swahili to others. I am intentionally including several of the languages that are in danger of vanishing.

Inuktitut represents a major language spanning the continents and islands of the northern hemisphere and I would like to include it as one of the 20 languages of Planet Earth. Similarly, Hawaiian is one member of the Pan-Pacific Islands that I am including as well to represent the vast area of the Pacific Ocean inhabited by aboriginal peoples with beautiful languages.

Can you help me with the Inuit translation from English?

Here are the 20 terms in English. I would greatly appreciate a translation of these into Inuktitut in its native characters (Unicode font preferred for international interpretation and representation by computers everywhere):

We are one

One earth

One world

Our shore

Our sea

Our sun

Our moon

Our sky

Our air

Our clouds

Our rain

Our wind

Our water

Our streams

Our soil

Our fields

Our plains

Our valleys

Our hills

Our mountains

H.B. Hill
Bainbridge, Washington

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