Phone call with Santa



“Ring, ring.”

“Hello, Santa here.”

“Hello Santa, this is the Little Corner for our annual conversation.”

“Well hello Little Corner, nice to hear from you. I’ve noticed that you have been absent from the pages of Nunatsiaq News the past few weeks. Having writer’s block are we?”

“I’ve been running on empty a little bit the past few weeks, but the slump is about over, I think.”

“We all go through these bares spots and I’m sure you’ll be fine. How’s your hockey team doing?”

“The Maple Leafs are doing very well but I don’t want to jinx them by even suggesting that they may be still skating in the first week of June. If Cujo stays healthy, anything is possible. Goalies have been known to almost singlehandedly steal The Cup from better teams.”

“What do you think of the Leafs younger players?”

“Kaberle and Johnson are going to have long productive careers for sure. But I think the dark horse who might become very good is Antropov. If he can improve his body strength and learn to skate better, he could be an elite player. He seems to have a creative imagination and very good hands. His long reach reminds me of Andreychuck. I’m sticking my neck out and predict that he will be one of the top 10 players in the NHL five years from now.”

“I’ll be sure to ask you about him in 2004. Now, let’s talk about the kids in Nunavut. How do you feel they’ve done this year?”

“I think most of them were pretty good this year. We still have our share of little liars, thieves, and bullies, but I think more parents are trying harder to raise good families so I think things will improve. Many kids are beginning to do better in school and I think more of them are taking their education more seriously.”

“That’s good to hear. People will need a good education to take advantage of what looks like a very exciting new century. The universe will reveal itself much faster than most people think possible. But let’s not get too philosophical, it’s Christmas. Do you have any special wishes?”

“A special Merry Christmas to my wife, children and grandchildren, my brothers Markoosie and Bobby, my sauniq, John A Two, all my cousins and friends. Special wishes for the new year to my aunt Minnie in Resolute and Senator Willie Adams, who is recovering from a recent operation. And of course, season’s greetings to P and P.”

“P and P?”

“Paul and Paul.”

“Oh, them. I’ll be sure to leave something special for them in their stockings. How about you?”

“I lost my paper skater and a new one might help me past this writer’s block.”

“I’ll see what I can do. I hope you have a wonderful year. I gotta go. Some of my elves are getting buried under a mountain of those blankety-blank pokemon cards.”

“Thanks again Santa. I’ll call you the same month next year. I’m sure those stupid cards will only be a memory by then.”

“Merry Christmas to you and all the regular visitors to your little corner.”

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