Police arrest armed robbery suspect in Iqaluit

22-year-old man charged after taxi driver robbed at knifepoint

Police in Iqaluit charged a 22-year-old man with robbery after they say a taxi driver was robbed at knifepoint early Friday morning. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Police in Iqaluit are thanking members of the public who provided information that led to the arrest of an armed robbery suspect late last week.

The RCMP had issued a news release asking for the public’s help to identify a man they said had used a knife to rob a taxi driver shortly after 12 a.m. Friday.

RCMP allege the man stepped into a Caribou Tuktu Cabs taxi, showed the driver a knife, demanded money and then fled. Police also issued a photo of the suspect from what appeared to be a security camera.

On Monday, the RCMP announced they had arrested a 22-year-old man and charged him with robbery. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 9.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

    Congratulations to the RCMP and members of the public supporting them.
    Good to have another punk off the streets.

  2. Posted by Tom Shelby on

    It’s great they caught him, but how long will he be off the streets? A day or 2 then a slap on the wrist and told not to do that again and away he goes, maybe kill someone next time.

    • Posted by Umingmak on

      Definitely doesn’t help matters that they never even reveal the names of the criminals in these cases. Why protect someone who is a clear threat to the community?

  3. Posted by pissed off on

    The justice system has always been a joke as far as I can remember but they are now breaking records in stupidity.
    Where does the Crown gets those people ? And what kind of briefing or whatever you would call it do they get?

    In som,e banana republics it is the other way around , you steal a loaf of bread and you go to jail. We don`t want to go there but could ther be a lot more common sense &? And so if you pack the jails for a few years ? That could make the streets more safe , isn`t it ?


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