Police investigate sudden Nunavik death

Man climbed and fell from cell tower in Inukjuak on May 13

The KRPF say a young man fell from a cell tower in Inukjuak on May 13. The police continue to investigate. (Photo by Sarah Rogers)

By Sarah Rogers

Nunavik police are investigating the sudden death of a young man in Inukjuak last week.

On Wednesday, May 13, residents of the Hudson Bay community called Kativik Regional Police Force officers and first responders when they saw a man had climbed up a cell tower beside the water treatment plant.

In a statement emailed to Nunatsiaq News, the KRPF said the man appeared confused and made “erratic gestures.” First responders spoke to him in Inuktitut, encouraging him to come down.

But the police said the man reached for a transformer box on the tower, at which point he lost his grip and fell. He was treated on site but died instantly from the fall, the KRPF said.

The victim has been identified by community members as Moses Samisack.

The police continue to investigate his death.

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  1. Posted by concerned on

    Very unfortunate,condolences to young man’ family, may he rest in peace.
    As a parent, I am very concerned and have gone through this with my child.
    Mental health, well being of a child is lacking , more so in Nunavut and Nunavik although we now have all the resources, let’s say than 30 years ago.
    With all kinds of drugs available and brought into the small communities, we have community members selling drugs from their homes, just because weed was made legal it does not mean it was made legal to sell under you non licenced home.
    That being said, our health care system lacks permanent mental health care nurses and social workers, we get a lot of transient workers coming from the south much appreciated.
    The dangers and impact of drug use is not advertised at all in the communities at all, as a parents, because a young person between 18 and 24 ,their brain is still in it’s vulnerable stage and developing.

    Let’s look after our children, if we see our child not in it their normal state let’s get them help.

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