Police seize $12K worth of alcohol in Puvirnituq

Shipment included 55 bottles of vodka, plus other spirits and beer

Kativik Regional Police Force officers seized this shipment of alcohol in Puvirnituq earlier in the week. (Photo courtesy of the KRPF)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Kativik Regional Police Force has seized a shipment of alcohol in Puvirnituq valued at more than $12,000.

Officers in the community executed four search warrants on Monday and Tuesday this week, following several tips received from the public, the KRPF said in a news release on Wednesday, April 29.

The police seized 55 bottles of vodka, four other bottles of spirits and four cases of beer.

The police say that some of the alcohol was destined for Inukjuak.

“I want to thank everyone involved,” said Capt. Mathieu Savage in a news release. “Community members play an important role in preventing the smuggling of alcohol into our villages. It is a team effort, and today I am proud to say that everyone’s efforts have paid off.”

The KRPF says that any information concerning suspicious activities, including the illegal sale of drugs and alcohol, can be disclosed anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-711-1800. Information received may qualify for a reward of up to $2,000.

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  1. Posted by Go police go. on

    Great police work, aided by concerned citizens. Way to go. Lots of heart ache, and jail time saved there. This come at the same time we are having a death in puvirnituq, attributed to homemade booze. Not sure, but I’m thinking this comes as a result of the restrictions. But realized that booze causes incredible trouble even in the best of time.

    • Posted by Boozer on

      How much , does a mickey go for in POV and Inukjuaq , and over inflated due to short supply

    • Posted by Malt Maniac on

      In the “best of times” booze can taste delicious and add quality to your life. Granted it is a fine line many people are unable to regulate their consumption. Still, many people are unable to think beyond a simple framework that screams BOOZE BAD. Which is a fairly juvenile perspective in my opinion.

    • Posted by Death by illness on

      The death was from homebrew consumption combined with mental issues, on going. Whether he drunk too much, or whether it was laced with a chemical, we are not sure. But desperate times are upon us in this every changing world which we are third world citizens due to our own making. Drink responsibly

    • Posted by Plz don’t go giving false information on

      He did not die from homemade alcohol. Please stop giving misinformation. He died of stomach ulcers caused by drinking and the use of antibiotics. He was on antibiotics for quite sometime. I know where the rumour started. I do not appreciate this. He was a very close family member of mine so, do not tarnish his name.

      As for the police who are racking up the booze, you have to keep in mind that people will go to the extreme to get their fix. Nunavut had an epidemic of people even drinking hairspray back in the day. Some people make homemade alcohol, too. You have to allow them to drink if they want to. Otherwise, we will end up with more complications than anything. I am a non drinker, myself.

      • Posted by Announcement on radio on

        First of all no names were used, are you the one highlighting? Putting two and two together.?Not talking about a person with stomach ulcers, talking about person drinking homebrew and died from it. What are you assuming? Secondly it was announced on the morning radio show news from a resident of puvirnituq, via salluit regional fm. Ask for the tape.

        • Posted by Plz don’t go giving false information on

          In his final days, he complained about his kidneys and he was puking blood for several days before he went to the hospital (from what we witnessed, Wednesday to Sunday) and the doctors and nurses gave us (the family) the cause of death on Monday morning. The propaganda of someone else’s word of mouth influenced the news report. Rumours are very common and it should be seen that the person who gives the report follows it up with an apology. I am not putting two and two together like the one who made the rumour. This is a scientific fact and that’s the reason why they didn’t preform an autopsy.

        • Posted by Plz don’t go giving false information on

          Also, you always hear of people getting fatally ill from mixing alcohol and medication. This was one of the cases

      • Posted by Desperately on

        Home brew can’t be made in 24 hours. Remember people drinking some concoction of god knows what in a plastic bucket only after 24 hours. Famous in Nunavik. 24 hour brew as we laughed as we said it. Home brew is a recipe requirement of good ingredients and time. I can remember all the gas and glue too being under lock and key at the stores , still some chemicals only available in side the licked cabinet, to prevent death of the desperate.

        • Posted by I remember that on

          I remember that all too clearly. It’s crazy what people will do to get a high. Even mouthwash is behind the cash in some stores. This is not food grade alcohol we are talking about.

          Also, home brew is completely legal. If done correct, it can be very flavourful. I remember a few times people used our wild berries to make wines and beer. The only bad part was it came with a hangover if you got drunk off of it, so I stuck to having a good 6 beers and avoided that.

  2. Posted by Constitution on

    The dependency of alcohol is here to some. People should not be forced to look for desperate solutions to their fixes. If it’s legal, And standing in legalities to the very end, let them have it. It is against the constitution to criminalize on legal issues. if this was for resale, good! Thank you for getting it off the street. Good job, KRPF.

    The only parties to be held accountable for alcohol restrictions are the ones making the laws for the people. There would not be a black market if it was readily available. There would not be restrictions in place if people were to control alcohol consumption.

    Go out and vote for your sake. This will be the end of this prohibition, or not. Your voice matters.

    • Posted by It’s the idiots on

      It’s the idiots causing trouble after a few drinks. It’s the same old jail birds going and coming from st Jerome and Amos. People can vote for leadership to make rules , but people would be better off taking a stance of some kind to shame or do something about the idiots that can’t drink and causing trouble, thereby ruining it for us all. The next time you see the police racing to a house, just remember, chances are you’re witnessing why you can’t buy alcohol legally.

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