Pro-gay supporters are intolerant


I am amazed at the intolerance of persons surrounding the Nunavut Human Rights Act. Take this statement for example: “The real division was between those MLAs who read and understood the bill they were about to vote on and those who had not.” (Editorial, Nov. 7, 2003)

The same person wrote another editorial on Nov. 14 on the same subject. In that editorial, the writer characterizes one group as “right-thinking people.” The right-thinking people being the ones who support the human rights bill.

There are some very vocal proponents who would persuade whoever will listen, that same-sex sexual orientation is inborn. This assertion is based on some “scientific studies,” some of which may be compromised, studies that in some cases have been designed to come to a conclusion. Biased, if you like. Truthfully, there is no scientific consensus yet and the scientific community will not come to a consensus for many more decades on this question.

Granted, sexual orientation had made great inroads in politics and through the courts. It is also making very strong efforts to muscle into some Christian churches, and with great success.

As the editorial writer pointed out, the United Church of Canada has allowed same sex marriages since 1990. Good for the homosexual movement! But will it stop there? Apparently not! The American Episcopalian Church (the American Anglicans) also have a Bishop who is openly gay.

Jobie Weetaluktuk

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