Public consultation begins for proposed Iqaluit cannabis store

Deadline for feedback is Aug. 20

On June 1, the Government of Nunavut began accepting applications for cannabis retail licences. (Photo courtesy of Cannabis Tours/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut’s first cannabis store could be coming to Iqaluit, but not before the public has its say.

Territory-wide applications for cannabis retail licences opened on June 1.

Nuna Cannabis Store Inc. is the first to make it to the public consultation stage.

The prospective enclosed cannabis store would be located at 1501 Federal Road near Iqaluit Auto and would be open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., other than holidays.

According to a Government of Nunavut news release, an enclosed cannabis store is a place where cannabis is sold and is not accessible to the general public, until they have purchased the product.

“Only adults over the age of 19 are allowed inside and there are walls and a door to guard against access from minors,” said the release.

Staff will be able to show the product to customers using “sensory display items” or smell jars.

Nuna Cannabis Store Inc.’s application was submitted by Patricia Peyton of Iqaluit. Peyton told Nunatsiaq News in an email that she was unable to speak about the proposal during the public consultation period.

A public email address for the store will be available after the consultation period ends.

Residents with questions, concerns or other feedback regarding the store are encouraged to send an email to the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission or call them at 867-975-5875.

The deadline for feedback is Aug. 20, at 5 p.m.

For more information about the Government of Nunavut’s cannabis retail licensing process, visit their website.

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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by Lol on

    The store will have walls AND a door.

  2. Posted by Red on

    If this store’s product selection is as limited, expensive, and poor quality as the NULC vendors’, I can’t imagine it will succeed at offering an alternative to the thriving black market.

  3. Posted by Elder See-er on

    I’m sure the store will do a thriving business.

    When will the GN do a public consultation for opening an addictions treatment facility in Nunavut?

    Maybe someone should research the “Opeum Wars” history of China. This is going to end well, but not before there is a lot more pain, suffering and grief.

    • Posted by Chicken Little on

      Its a pot store , not a new crack house

  4. Posted by Pot Cookie on

    I enjoy cannabis, it relieves my arthritis and really relaxes me. It also gives me the giggles sometimes and enhances experiences like listening to music or love making with a partner. I don’t understand the hysteria and fear around cannabis use. It’s not toxic, it has never killed anyone, it is way less damaging physically than alcohol or even tobacco. I could see how smoking it might be a problem for the lungs, so I consume it by eating edibles, which have a more enhanced and longer lasting effect than smoking anyway.

  5. Posted by Paradigm Shift on

    Decades of religious and political indoctrination have produced the moral panic we still see expressed by many, typically though not exclusively, older members of our society when it comes to the use of cannabis and other natural compounds used to enhance or shift states of consciousness. It is fear borne of ignorance, and ignorance borne of misinformation supported by incuriousity vested in maintaining harmony with group norms (we call this conservatism).
    Thankfully, our society is progressing and liberalizing its approach, a function of better understandings and education, so that in the future these antiquated positions will be about as absurd as the idea that the earth is flat (still a contentious position to some, believe it or not).

  6. Posted by Ken on

    If it’s anything like the B&W store consultations It’s a complete joke. Set up so that the store will open and start selling no matter the outcome and destruction it does to our society.
    Maybe with cannabis it won’t be as destructive as alcohol but it will have some negative effects for sure,
    Hate the smell in public places, such as walking by the entrance to the stores, hopefully this will not increase as it already has.

  7. Posted by Larry on

    GN what’s next? Consultations on opening a casino?

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