QEC supports development of energy policy


Your recent editorial on Nunavut Energy policy makes a lot of sense to me and to members of the Qulliq Energy Corporation board.

To install cleaner and more efficient engines, build dams and run conservation programs, Qulliq Energy needs adequate and consistent revenues. The realities of northern life mean that this can result in high prices to consumers. The re-supply in 2006 will bring new fuel at even higher prices. QEC regrets those higher prices, but does not control these economic factors.

GN needs an overall energy policy and QEC would want to participate in its development, along with many other sections in Nunavut impacted by energy prices. We all need good economic information on how energy prices impact the Nunavut economy. We all need good information on the over-all GN subsidy structures and how such funds could be used to bring about change in our systems.

When the GN wants to impact energy prices it needs to look at a fair system of subsidies, rather than using internal payments or making crisis-driven transfers to crown corporations.

Qulliq Energy will continue to develop energy options at the most reasonable prices possible in Nunavut’s distinct economy. The price that consumers pay for that energy should be determined by actual economic costs and by a public, transparent and visible set of subsidies to appropriate consumers.

Simon Merkosak
Qulliq Energy Corporation

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