Raglan employment up


There are now 83 Inuit working at the Raglan Mine, according to statistics presented at the recent Kativik Regional Government council meeting. They’re part of a workforce that includes 423 non-Inuit, and they comprise 19.6 per cent of the total number of employees.

At the Kiewit Nuvumiut Inc. construction company, there are 14 Inuit out of 37, for a total of 27.5 per cent of the workforce.

Kattiniq Transport and Bradley Nuvumiut, which are also joint-ventures, have no Inuit employees.

The total percentage of Inuit employment at the mine site now stands at about 20 per cent or one out of five employees.

At the council meeting, councillors requested a survey of Inuit working at the mine to evaluate relations between non-Inuit and Inuit. KRG’s Department of Employment, Training, Income Support and Childcare will carry out the survey.

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