Rankin Inlet residents to give feedback on new airport design

Wednesday’s public consultation includes a 3D walkthrough of the plans

Rankin Inlet residents get to give feedback on the draft designs (pictured here) for their new airport on Wednesday. (Image courtesy of the Department of Economic Development)

By Mélanie Ritchot

Rankin Inlet residents will get to preview designs for the community’s new airport terminal on Wednesday, which could include things like an elders lounge and a concession area.

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation will host the public consultation meeting at the community hall, a news release states.

Other features could be a larger baggage belt, more seating and local art, Andrea McFaul, a spokesperson for the department stated in an email.

Pictured here is a preview of the draft plan for the exterior of Rankin Inlet’s new airport. (Image courtesy of the Department of Economic Development and Transportation)

When the planning stage began, the current airport was looked at to see if it could be renovated, but McFaul said due to engineering concerns, a new build was best. 

The project is now in the design phase and the building portion of the project will be done in two parts.

First, the check-in counter, baggage belt and gate area will be built. 

In the second phase, the current terminal will be removed to make room to build more gates, a concession area and more seating.

This is one of six new airport terminal projects the GN is currently working on, the others being in Kimmirut, Naujaat, Chesterfield Inlet, Whale Cove and Kugluktuk, McFaul confirmed.

People can drop in to view the design — which could change based on feedback — and participate in a 3D walkthrough at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

Representatives from the GN and Prairie Architecture, the company hired to design the new terminal, will be at the event to answer questions as well.

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(22) Comments:

  1. Posted by Flyer on

    I do hope they will pick a nicer design, take a look at some of the airports in Nunavik, also other places for inspiration, this one kinda looks ugly with no creativity.

  2. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    It was just announced the new Airport Terminal Buildings in Kimmirut, Naujaat, Whale Cove, Chesterfield Inlet and Kugluktuk have been cancelled.

    But don’t worry , Rankin is still a go.

    Another string of cancellations but large centres still being taken care of.

    • Posted by Mark Nookiguak on

      What about Clyde River?.. is clyde river gonna have a new airport? Or will be a cancelled? too

      • Posted by Northern Inuit on

        They mentioned Chesterfield, Naujaat, Whale Cove and Kugluktuk have been cancelled.

        I did not see anything about Clyde River, sorry.

        • Posted by inooya on

          Do not know where you get your info from but they are not cancelled

          • Posted by Northern Inuit on

            Check the Nunavut Tenders Website, quick search and you will see they ATB’s have been cancelled.

    • Posted by Rankin Defender on

      Hello! More planes land in Rankin, more plane more people.

  3. Posted by M Center on

    Second Draft Pic is one unnecessary Public Viewing Building unless you’re into groovy fringes on a square boring ugly building. Just sayin. 😉

  4. Posted by articrick on

    Butt ugly design,why do these architects always give minimum effort on designs? I almost got a epileptic seizure from the hazy colours.

    • Posted by R on

      Now imagine driving, those colors while in motion must be hard to look at.

  5. Posted by Over Kill on

    If the GN could learn that boxes are acceptable for buildings and can still look attractive and functional it could save a lot of money which could be used for more projects.
    Look at Iqaluit, over what $100 million for a building that has so much wasted space and non functioning space.
    The GN needs to start thinking inside the box.. How many shelters could be built with that money to protect vulnerable people that need help.
    I am not talking about providing free homes to everyone who thinks they deserve one just because. People need to take control of their lives and work for nice things rather whining about what should be free. People complain about what the current houses are selling for when they don’t understand people invested in their lives and owning a home was considered in the investment. My thought..

    • Posted by “New” on

      Iqaluit’s new airport should be a lesson for all. From day one it was plagued with problems. Leaky roof, non functioning brand new window blinds, surfaces on stairs that had to be replaced due to wear, improperly done translations.. The fancy new gates for ramp access don’t work in the cold, de-icing collection that doesn’t work below -20 Celsius. Some southern architect designed for form over function and it shows.

      What are they going to go to mitigate the raven’s that now spend all winter roosting on the roof? They are a hazard to airplanes, yet nothing was done to deter them.

  6. Posted by Joyce Ayaruak on

    The design is without any significance ,the colours have zero vibrancy,and like a previous comment it looks like it’s made from stacked sea cans. Where’s the design element? Start over!

  7. Posted by Consistency on

    The biggest problem with Iqaluits airport is that while waiting for your bags you can not visit with people that are waiting for their flights. the Inside should be like a Warehouse. just wide open so you can see everyone that is coming and going.

  8. Posted by Who cares on

    Who cares what the design looks like, just start building asap. The Rankin Airport is horrible and even worse if you’re on a 7 hour layover.

  9. Posted by Lack Infrastructure’s in SMALL RURAL Municipality’s on

    GN jobs cannot be filled anyways due to lack of quality EDUCATION across the territory; retiree’s with GN still getting paid salary 2 year’s. This Nunavut will NOT seek infrastructure improvement’s due to employments vacancies regardless.

    This will be stable reflect on poor leadership roles, DM’s running elected MLA’s, executives getting paid high salary (won’t care less regardless weather infrastructure move or not), MLA’s shy away from respected riding due to one community proposed as similar as this trailer building proposed. Basically, infrastructure funds that supposed to be delivered to small rural Municipalities are kept lip service closed. What happen to community empowerment? It was best to be in NWT not Nunavut!

  10. Posted by Silas on

    Rankin Inlet is the regional hub of the Kivalliq; therefore, all communities that will be affected by this terminal ought to have a say in the design. Rankin Inlet residents will come to the terminal to visit with family and friends who are passing through. If they are travelling they will spend an hour or so before the flight and half an hour when they arrive.
    However, it is the residents of the region who may spend an entire day waiting for their flights. Elders, disabled and medical travellers, who may have just had surgery or are in pain with some illness, should be given special consideration. To have areas where they will be able to lie down or rest if they need to. If not consulted then at least these kinds of travellers must be considered by those who design the building.

  11. Posted by Resident of Rankin Inlet on

    The ugly design that looks like a stack of seacans will fit perfectly into with Rankin’s aesthetic, reminiscent of a garbage dump crossed with a toxic waste site

  12. Posted by Stranded again on

    Ive spent more times waiting for planes in Rankin Inlet than any outher NU airport. Pkease make sure there is food available for purchase on those horrible days when flights are delayed over and over again. Also, no more metal benches!!

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