RCMP should keep fur hats


“I rise today to express my concern on the recent news that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is looking at replacing the classic RCMP muskrat hats because of pressure from extremist groups in the South,” said Nattilik MLA Uriash Puqiqnak.

“Trading fur was, at one time, the only source of income for Inuit. Extremists, anti-fur groups almost destroyed our fur industry to a point where our people could hardly survive. We are only now starting to recover and it started only when the Inuit and the people from the North became vocal.”

Puqiqnak said the RCMP wants to see if there’s a more durable, wind-resistant alternative to muskrat fur.

“There is no comparison to fur and that is why we, the Inuit, have survived for so long in this harsh climate and that was the time before the Europeans came in,” Puqiqnak said.

Puqiqnak said old photographs show RCMP wore caribou or sealskin clothing during the winter.

“Today, RCMP officers no longer use Inuit clothing, however, I am positive that officers appreciated the warmth of these clothing and to show their appreciation, they should commit to keeping their furs,” Puqiqnak said

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