Ready to play the Feud? Nunavut families wanted for TV game show

Family Feud Canada producers aiming to cast first Nunavut family for fifth season

Family Feud Canada supervising casting producer Donia Aly says the show is hoping to cast its first-ever family from Nunavut on its upcoming fifth season. Nunavut is the only territory or province in Canada that hasn’t yet been represented on the show. (Photo courtesy of Family Feud Canada)

By Madalyn Howitt

Now in its fifth season, popular TV game show Family Feud Canada has hosted families from every region of the country.

That is, every region except Nunavut.

Producers say they hope to change that this season.

The show, co-produced by CBC and Zone3, is casting for the upcoming season and producers are “very keen” to spotlight families from Nunavut, said supervising casting producer Donia Aly.

“Our goal every season is to ensure as many communities are represented,” she said.

“We’re hoping that season five we’ll be able to secure some more families from the north.”

The show is hosted by comedian Gerry Dee. On each episode, two families with five members each face off to determine the top answers to survey questions.

Winning families have the opportunity to participate in up to three episodes, and could walk away with up to $30,000.

Aly said the show has received some applications from Nunavut families in past seasons, but obstacles such as pandemic travel restrictions made it challenging to bring them to Toronto for filming.

“I’m very cognizant of how that has affected travel or willingness of people to travel from certain regions,” Aly said.

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, Aly and producers hope more families from Nunavut will send in applications.

“I want people to know that this is a very accessible format to audition for the show,” she said, adding the show covers costs of travel and accommodations for the families that are selected. “You don’t have to travel and audition anywhere in person, we are holding auditions virtually.” 

“It even means that family members that are spread across multiple territories or provinces can audition from the comfort of their home.”

Being on the show is also sometimes a great opportunity to unite families that haven’t seen each other for a while, Aly added.

She encourages families who are interested in applying to have lots of energy, enthusiasm and be ready to share with us some of their “most epic” family stories.

“We want to hear all about funny moments … . We want [families] to make us smile, make us laugh, because that’s going to translate really well in the studio and have our audience smiling and having fun as well,” Aly said.

“We’re looking for authenticity. We’re looking for families who are proud to represent where they’re from.”

Applications are on the Family Feud Canada website.

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  1. Posted by Frank on

    Hilarious that this story appears under the category of “Arts and Culture”. A stupid TV game show is neither “art”, nor is it “culture”.

    Aren’t there more important issues to deal with? Or is Nunatsiaq News just taking the easy road to filling up this website with fluff?

    • Posted by oh ima on

      Bitter much?

    • Posted by Uncle arrow on

      You do know Tv falls under the “Arts”. What’s wrong with you?

      Friends at CBC already said Paul Qaussa’s family is going on any wise.

      • Posted by Culture creep on

        I would say it is Culture more than Art, but at some level that is a semantic debate. Either way, it is proof that not all ‘culture’ is praise worthy or of great quality.

    • Posted by Big G on

      Frankly, Frank, you are just far too Frank.

  2. Posted by Ben Decko on

    Do the tv show want families that are f-r-o-m (from) Nunavut or do they want families that “live” in Nunavut.
    Y’know… like the “Nunavut” curling team.
    Just curious.

    • Posted by Kinda Curious on

      Can you parse the nuance you’ve alluded to for us?

  3. Posted by curling anyone? on

    How about the men’s “Nunavut” curling team? Let them southerners represent us again.


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