Remembrance Day message from Kosovo


My name is Cpl. Harry Eegeesiak of 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, Garrison Edmonton, attached to 1 PPCLI Battle Group in Donja Koretica, Kosovo, West of Pristina

Lest we forget.

Remember those men and women who sacrifice there lives, freedom for you, WW1, WW2 and Korea.

Lest we forget.

Those who are or have been on peacekeeping or peacemaking missions around the world today. Bless those men and women who have made it home to their families and pray for those families who have not.

Lest we forget.

Not only those in the great wars but those who are in peacemaking today and for tomorrow.

Lest we forget

Cpl. Harry Eegeesiak
Donja Koretica, Kosovo

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