Retraction and apology to Sheila Pokiak and Charlotte DeWolff


Our March 10, 2006 edition included a story on page 7 about Nunavut Film and its former executive director, Sheila Pokiak.

The story implied that Ms. Pokiak was responsible for delays with respect to funding northern film projects and that her departure from Nunavut Film was, in part, related to such delays. Nunatsiaq News did not have information that justified either conclusion. The story contained other unsubstantiated information concerning Ms. Pokiak’s departure from Nunavut Film. Nunatsiaq News did not have confirmation of such information from any of the parties directly involved.

In the story, certain comments were attributed to Charlotte DeWolff. Ms. DeWolff was not interviewed in connection with the article and the comments are hereby withdrawn by Nunatsiaq News. Ms. DeWolff, when contacted by this newspaper, specifically advised she had no information regarding the reason or reasons for termination of Ms. Pokiak’s employment. Nunatsiaq News apologizes for its errors without reservation and unconditionally retracts the March 10, 2006 story. We sincerely regret any distress or embarrassment the story may have caused Ms. Pokiak or Ms. DeWolff.

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