Riit (centre) performs as part of Mòshkamo, an Indigenous arts festival by Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, on Saturday, Sept. 28. Riit and her partner, Alexia (right), led their audience through a night of Arctic electropop, complete with throat singing and Inuktitut lyrics. The two artists even had a throat singing competition—using their fighter names, “Riit the Rock” and “Alexia Anaconda”—and led the two halves of the audience to sing against each other after a quick lesson. Riit opened the concert with the song “Ataataga,” a word that means “my father,” which is also the title of her upcoming album. “I always open the set with that song to honour him,” she said. “He’s a huge part of the reason that I’m doing what I am today.” (Photo by Nadia Kharyati/NAC)

Riit the Rock

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Why start on

    Beautiful voices, beautiful singing. But, my rant is this. With so many youth exposed to so much out in the world and showing off “perfect” bodies, why are our Inuit singers now showing so much skin? See through skirts. Why? Why do you feel now you just must show your body parts to this extent?

    • Posted by One Wonders on

      What parts are you concerned about, their thighs? Do you imagine this expose of upper leg will corrupt out youth somehow? Interesting but, I’d like to see some evidence why that is. I bet their ancestors sat in a tent breast feeding for all to see and even walked around nude without a care.

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