Salluit resident dies with COVID-19

Nunavik has seen 9 COVID-19 deaths, according to provincial data

A Nunavik resident from Salluit, seen here, died with COVID-19, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services announced Jan. 28. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

A resident of Salluit has died with COVID-19.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services announced the death Jan. 28 on Facebook.

According to provincial data, nine people in Nunavik have died with COVID-19.

“The NRBHSS shares the sadness in the recent loss of one of our fellow Nunavimmiut,” states the Facebook post. “Our thoughts are with the families, friends and the communities during this difficult time.”

Nunavik remains under “red alert” COVID-19 restrictions, in which only essential services remaining open, despite Quebec lifting several measures in the south of the province. Last week, the health board eased travel restrictions, allowing vaccinated travellers to enter and fly within the region.

As of Jan. 28, Nunavik reported 230 active COVID-19 cases. Kuujjuaq still reported the highest case count with 102 active. Other communities with higher active case counts included Kangirsuk with 33 cases, Quaqtaq with 31 and Puvirnituq with 31 cases.

Aupaluk and Ivujivik were the only communities that did not report new cases on that day.

A “vaccination blitz” is headed through the region over the next few weeks, offering appointments to Nunavik residents ages five and older.

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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by Michael Cameron on

    Our sincerest condolences to all that have passed away due to Covid 19 or complications from Covid 19 as well to all those that have passed away due to Cancer, Heart Attacks and other health issues.
    Stay safe as well while restrictions being lifted slowly,
    We all need to learn to live with Covid 19 and it’s variants as we have learned to live with the common cold, flu, various cancers, and daily life,
    follow the sanitary measures, wash and sanitize your hands regularly, wear masks, social distance

    • Posted by Condolences to all affected on

      My condolences to the close persons of the deceased. I’m not proud of the reactions to Covid since it entered our lives about two years ago. Covid has brought out the best in most people, but I believe that it’s shown the worse reaction in Nunavik as well as many other places. The gullible, the ignorant, the fake news followers, the misinformed that can’t be informed, but no insight and spreading more fake news and misinformation. I’m not proud of that behaviour in our population. The fear, unrealistic fear. Now We lag so far behind the rest of the world in continuous restrictions due to the unvaccinated as a result.

    • Posted by Learn to is right on

      Nunavik is very challenged when it comes the learning to live with anything, as we can see in today’s coping with Covid.. Since Covid started, it’s the beginning of the learning to live with task, without much learning in too many Of Nunavik’s population. Off course we have to endure the reality of this continuous virus within our lives. I’m not so optimistic that Nunavik will do as well compared to other parts of Quebec and Canada. That’s not to say that Nunavik will be the only area not doing well, but it’s nothing to do with lack of resources, but more to do with uneducated and lack of cooperation among too many people. I’m predicting more issues with Covid in Nunavik, in a surprising way.

  2. Posted by Yes condolences to all death in Nunavik on

    Why the regional health board giving condolences to in unnamed person. Is the regional board indicating that it’s shameful to died of Covid-19? Condolences to the unnamed. And why not say condolences to all who lost family from suicide, from other causes? That’s pathetic. No wonder, we are weary of them.

    • Posted by Brain washed on

      Covid has brain washed some professional workers, and made them narrowed minded. I salute all those with professionalism who worked in the health care sectors, but there’s too many in there that are making things worse. From the doctors and nurses not using common sense, and failure to knowledge themselves on universal precautions, which is a standard protocol taught over and over in Medical and nursing schools, to testing Center workers, and announcers of the bad news journal, Covid might be new but those procedures to follow are not so. What we have in the absence of following protocol and procedures in the health care fields, are unnecessary delays and narrowed focus on covid, while missing out on a real otherwise illness that’s detrimental to life and limb. Those I speak of are in the way of good help from the good competent doctor, nurses and other care givers. All these narrowed focus people are the doing of even condolences to the unknown victims, that becomes vital parts of their work , in lieu of the lacks of professionalism. Again I salute the real competence of health care workers! Notwithstanding, the in the ways.

  3. Posted by Concerned human on

    “With” covid…. not of covid… pay attention folks.. thr fact that comments are blocked on facebook, they know what they wrote and what it means… its fear tactics and click bait… yall should be ashamed…

    • Posted by Don’t see much fear imposed on

      I don’t see much fear in many, but look out if they the fearless , the unvaccinated would to be infected with Covid, and end up in hospital. I can see it now, crying out for doctors and nurses as thou they are the only patient. The fearless turn into selfish whimps that cry for merciful goodi.

  4. Posted by Umingmak on

    “With COVID”.

    The government needs to stop simply saying “oh this person died” and either provide more info, or only report deaths if the person was otherwise healthy. The CDC reports that only 5% of deaths recorded as “COVID-related” had no other co-morbidities, but also notes that even fewer of these were actually potentially caused by COVID.

    • Posted by The Old Trapper on

      You make it sound as if 95% of these deaths are from the co-morbidity, and only 5% are from the SARS COV-2 virus. That is blatant misinformation.
      If the people had not contracted the coronavirus they would be still alive, not dead.
      Here is an example;
      A health vaccinated non-smoker who is infected can start to fight off the virus sooner (primed by the vaccine), and more efficiently (healthy body/immune system). Because the body is fast and efficient the virus cannot establish itself, and the immune system wins, the person recovers.
      An unvaccinated 20 year smoker is going to have a harder time fighting off the virus as it infects their body. Their smoker damaged lungs give their body less oxygen, and their immune response is not as quick or as efficient. The virus gains ground little by little taking over healthy cells which are then used to produce more virus. Eventually it gets to the lungs and starts to take over those cells as well. Little by little the body shuts down, until it dies.
      The co-morbidity is having damaged lungs due to smoking. The cause of death is Covid-19 caused by the SARS COV-2 virus.

    • Posted by Umingmak’s point on

      You got a point there Umingmak. Of all the effort put in by the authorities to lead us all out of this pandemic, they surprise me over and over with a series of useless data, that depletes their efforts into question, if not nonsense. We all feel sympathy towards our fellow citizens in sickness and death. Covid, or not. But the fact that there’s a release announcement of a Covid death here and there, in our small population of Nunavik, appears to give the authorities some kind of attention seeking, and narrowed focus duties. I mean is the death a warning! Is the death indicating low number, high numbers, what’s their goal in the announcement? Are the protocols, procedures and restrictions perceived by them to be a game? What the purpose of the telling us someone died of Covid, Covid related, and not about other statistics? If the announcement had something useful in it to the purpose of teaching and learning, I would agree to hearing about it, but it’s to them another number of one of our good people, among many other good people that passed away. If you’re going to announce a death or anything about Covid, on the working shift of Covid! Tell the population the Covid details of that death.


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