She’s still at it


The aging sex kitten, Brigitte Bardot, wants to ask Prime Minister Paul Martin to stop seal hunting.

The animal rights activist and once-famous French film diva, now well into her 70s, complained recently to a Québécois journalist about the lack of progress in protecting seals.

“There are two to three times as many seals killed in Canada than 27 years ago,” she told the Montreal newspaper La Presse.

Bardot made waves in 1977 when she was photographed with baby seals in Newfoundland.

She also blamed commercial fishing for depleting the ocean of fish.

“Nature balances itself well all by itself,” Bardot said.

Bardot said she hopes to circulate a petition among famous singers and actors, including Leonardo DiCaprio. She then plans to approach United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan “so that he does everything necessary to force the Canadian government to stop the massacre.”

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