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I am a biology student at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.

I will soon be graduating with my undergraduate degree and I am applying for a Watson Fellowship, a grant providing for a year of independent travel and study. I am proposing to examine the relationship between Arctic lands and the people who live there, and I am looking for contacts in Arctic countries.

I am interested in the relationship between people and their land in many aspects, from outdoor recreation to issues in environmental conservation or resource development. The goal of my research is to reflect the close relationship between Arctic peoples and their land that I felt growing up in Alaska.

I am seeking potential volunteer opportunities for the year following August 2003 that would provide a link between myself and the community and/or the land and thereby contribute to this research. Some of my ideas include assisting with ongoing environmental or sociological research, assisting with youth/high school Nordic ski teams, volunteering with resource development or conservation companies, and volunteering in national parks or preserved areas.

If you know of any opportunities like these or any other contacts I might make in Nunavut or elsewhere in the Canadian Arctic please let me know. I am looking for one- to two-month opportunities and I would like to begin in Canada next August but I am very flexible to time of year and length of stay.

If you would like anymore information about me or my project, please contact me.

Heidi Herter
Tacoma, Washington

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