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Literacy is often a great quality that a lot of young people have, though many of our youth have difficulty reading and writing at their desired level.

They need that extra practice, and it is up to us to give them that extra push. Being literate means broadening horizons, building a wide range of imagination and structuring a strong bond between ourselves and those we love.

Literacy is a great social talent, and also an important tool in education. To show this, Jonah Amitnaaq Secondary School is having its Second Annual Spelling Bee in March, 2000. The First Annual Spelling Bee was held in April, 1999, and for its debut, it was successful. It opened up the students with determination, dedication, motivation and the beautiful art of literacy.

There were three categories: Intermediate, Junior and Senior. Prizes for each category were: First Place, $250; Second Place, $150, and Third Place: $100. By reason of the First Annual Spelling Bee, the 10 door prizes were praiseworthy.

It takes a lot of courage to step up in front of your peers and challenge a word in the bee, and that’s what the contestants did. When it came down to the last three contestants, the place would fill up with excitement and anxiety. The room would get so quiet, individuals could hear a pin drop from miles away. All in all, the First Annual Spelling Bee was a success.

The Second Annual Spelling Bee has the same purpose as the first, showing them that literacy is important, except this time, we’re aiming for a larger audience and bigger prizes.

Jonah Amitnaaq is now accepting contributions for this worthwhile event. Donations to the Second Annual Spelling Bee is not just about competition, but about showing the youth how important it is to be educated. It also shows them that literacy is more than just reading and writing — it shows them a whole new world.

Any contributions are extremely grateful. Please mail your donations to:

Clara Noah
P.O. Box 30
Spelling Bee Contributions
Jonah Amitnaaq School
Baker Lake, Nunavut
X0C 0C0

Phone: (867) 793-2842
Fax: (867) 793-2029

Thanking you in growth.

Clara Noah
Tutor Counsellor
Jonah Amitnaaq School
Baker Lake

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