Taamani internet growing


Nearly one year after its official launch, the KRG’s Taamani Nunavik Wireless Internet venture has 700 residential customers – which means that one out of three households in Nunavik is connected to the Internet.

Tamaani also has about 300 other points of service for organizations, a number which includes all the various KRG offices throughout Nunavik.

Joe Lance, who is responsible for overseeing Tamaani, told the regional council that a contract has been finalized with Justice Québec that will allow offenders in Nunavik to appear via videoconference in front of a judge in the South – a move which is expected to save on transportation costs.

In collaboration with northern Ontario and Manitoba, Nunavik is asking for an additional grant of $45.1 million through the National Satellite Initiative to boost Tamaani’s capacity. The money will be used for more bandwidth and videoconferencing equipment.

Videoconferencing is to start in 2006, Lance said.

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