Taloyoak health centre still not ready to reopen, 1 week after fuel spill

Centre providing emergency services only; results from air samples likely to be ready next week

The Taloyoak health centre is still only offering some services after a fuel spill on the premises last week. (File photo)

By Gord Howard

Taloyoak’s health centre continues to operate at reduced capacity, close to a week after a fuel spill forced a partial shutdown there.

Nunavut’s Department of Health announced Aug. 18 the centre would provide emergency services only and that the dental team would be temporarily relocated to Cambridge Bay due to fumes from the spill.

A consultant has been contracted to carry out air sampling.

“When we get those results early next week we will know then if [the centre] can open for full services,” said Suleikha Duale, a spokesperson for the Department of Community and Government Services, in an email Wednesday to Nunatsiaq News.

Duale said the spill was caused by a failure of the control system for fuel supply from the main tank outside to one inside the building.

“Most of the fuel overflow was contained by end of day,” Duale said.

The Department of Community and Government Services is working with an infrastructure and environmental consultant this week as well to determine the amount of remediation work needed to allow full public access again.

Currently, the part of the building that is free of fumes is being used to provide emergency care only.

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Megan Pizzo Lyall on

    The people of Taloyoak are paying for this because of the “reduced capacity” people are not getting their much needed medication, going five hours minimum trying to get someone that answers the phone, medical travel information is NOT being relayed back to people… MLAs and beaurocrats this is NOT acceptable… what needs to happen before something is done and people do their jobs?!!!! The GN is responsible for the health of our people, step up the damn game. Figure it out. Find another space. Reduced capacity at already stretched limits is NOT acceptable. IF ANYTHING SEND MORE PEOPLE TO HELP!!!!

    • Posted by Umingmak on

      The Liberal government, which you ran to represent, is largely responsible for the problems in Nunavut. Their track record is clear. As soon as they took over, investment in the north grinded to a halt. The Harper government vastly improved infrastructure in the North, building new schools, hamlet buildings, etc every year. This has completely stopped under the Trudeau Regime.

      If you’re looking for someone to blame – blame your buddy Justin Trudeau.

      • Posted by Crystal Clarity on

        Health Centres fall under the jurisdiction of the territorial government not the federal government. Most of that infrastructure you’re talking about were PPP projects. Covid has put a huge strain on every level of government. It’s not a never ending cash bucket.

  2. Posted by Amarok on

    Vastly improved infrastructure in the north? Lol I had to laugh at that one, we are still recovering from all the funding/programming cuts the Harper government did! It set us back decades!
    GN has been receiving hundreds of millions in extra funding with this federal government to try and catch up,
    The problem here is the incompetence of our GN, even with more funding they screw things up badly.

  3. Posted by Scrubs on

    This is what, the third spill or flood there in a year?

    I’m sure southern nurses are just clamoring to huff those fumes.

    Maybe instead of nurses, Taly requires competent maintenance crews to make sure their workplace isn’t, you know, ultra flammable.

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