Taxi fares in Iqaluit rise to $9

Council approved increase in April 2022 as part of 2-year plan

Iqaluit’s new $9 taxi fares took effect Monday. (File photo by Bill Williams)

By Nunatsiaq News

New taxi fare rates are in effect in Iqaluit.

As of Monday, the general fare for a ride with Caribou Tuktu Cabs Inc. rose to $9. The fare for elders remains $5 for a ride, and children under the age of 10 ride for free if they are accompanying an adult.

In April 2022 Iqaluit city council passed a bylaw to increase taxi fares over the course of two years.

The previous $8 cab fare was set that month, and as part of the bylaw the fare was increased to $8.75 the following month.

According to the bylaw, the standard taxi fare rate will increase to $9.25 in 2024.

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(14) Comments:

  1. Posted by Goners on

    Whole company is a joke that fell flat

  2. Posted by third wheel on

    now, the taxi drivers will driver around even more quickly, pick up more passengers on one load, refuse to go to end of Plateau, Tundra Valley and Apex with one passenger, pass by elders, drive quickly through potholes, cut off drivers, break road rules even more. Not all, but enough to give you a whiplash. We are in a developing territory alright. No buses, only taxis that stink of the bathroom, passengers who refuse to pay…

    • Posted by John WP Murphy on

      Now that sounds like the majority of drivers in Iqaluit.

  3. Posted by Customer service! on

    There rates keep increasing and customer service keeps declining!

  4. Posted by Cee on

    How old do you have to be to get the Elders’ rate?

  5. Posted by hermann kliest on

    I now demand they only pick up one passenger per ride. I am tired of piss and whiskey, dope, puke smell from uncouth passengers hopping in…. only in Nunavut eh? shameless.

  6. Posted by Tmp on

    Why in the world is the city council involved in setting the prices for taxi service???
    Maybe they should see about regulating the prices of food at the stores in town?

  7. Posted by ? on

    Walk it’s free or bike or dog team ????

    Crack city ? ?

  8. Posted by How Else? on

    Going to pay for the rock assaults?

  9. Posted by mr tunik on

    Boycott the cabs,

    force your municipality for have public transit like every other “city”.

    there is no reaso the city shouldnt have 5 or 6 city public transit buses , and surely fares can be less than 9$ .

    maybe the cab company has too many cab drivers .

    the way City of Iqaluit operates Iqaluit is a joke .

    still living in 1999

  10. Posted by Aputi on

    Walk like your ancestors did when they went on a hunt

  11. Posted by John K on

    We’re getting to a point where we need to implement meters. At this price I should be able to split the fare with the person I’m travelling with and there SHOULD NOT be a stranger in my cab when I pay NINE DOLLARS to go one kilometer.

    No more ride sharing in my cabs.

  12. Posted by lol on

    Gas cheaper than anywhere and it goes up? Didn’t we just go through two government contracts where employees get less than 3% raise a year and now cabs going up like 10%? Open up to gd Uber and be done with these clowns and thieves

  13. Posted by Hunter on

    Should just go to a meter system like everywhere else in Canada.

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