Thank you for helping family


We would like to show our gratitude in this letter of thanksgiving.

On Oct. 31, 2006 our mother was making popcorn for Halloween, unfortunately, her popcorn maker caught fire and destroyed her home and belongings.

We, as a family, have been awed by all the giving that people have showed. It is beyond words.

We thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and giving.

We thank each and everyone of you donors to the loonie-toonie sale, and those who bought all those raffle tickets.

We would like to name all the people, but if you do not see your name, we will not forget you. We thank each and every person in our community of Pangnirtung.

Thanks again to: Samo Arnakaq, Daisy Dialla, Lucy Young, Meeka Alivaktuk, Dave Goulding, Sheila Kilabuk, Leah Naulalik Kilabuk, Henry Poisey, Attagoyuk School and staff, Alookie School and staff, Lena Angnako, Geela Akulukjuk, Parks Staff, GN staff, Mary Ann Mike, Julia Tautuajuk, Pangnirtung Housing Association, Pangnirtung firefighters, Oloota Noah, QIA, Malaya Akulukjuk, Marlene Arnakaq, Rebecca Kanayuk, Daisy Keenainak, Becky Akulukjuk, Margaret Nakashuk, Jeannie Alivaktuk, Raygelee Angnako, the people of Qikiqtarjuaq, Elisapee Kopalee, Lucy Netser, Tina Eetuk, the people of Coral Harbour, Roposie Alivaktuk, the Hamlet of Pangnirtung, the Pangnirtung hunters and trappers, Leetia Kilabuk, Ann Marlene Kilabuk, the women’s Auxilliary, Jose Pootoogook, Lena Metuq, Pangnirtung health centre staff, Annie Ittoshat, Alice Ittoshat, Georgina Baldwin, the Pangnirtung Co-op, MLA Peter Kilabuk, your families, and the whole town.

Thank you, may God bless each and everyone of you.You brought light and hope and the love of God.

From the family of Mosesie
and Oleepa Qappik

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