Thanks for warm welcome


Recently, thanks to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 4, we were able to spend a few wonderful days with our family and friends in Iqaluit, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the warm welcome we received wherever we went.

From our arrival at the airport, to community events such as the Remembrance Day service and ceremonies, the craft fair at Inuksuk, and to more private, personal visiting, we were feasted and fêted with true and familiar Iqaluit hospitality.

It was lovely to be approached with open arms, firm handshakes and welcoming smiles. We compared notes with friends who are now also grandparents and met past students, who told us they are now providing for their own families.

We spoke to past colleagues who are still working hard to promote the Inuit language and culture in Nunavut schools and of course, we were shocked into realizing our own age by finding out that their children are now either at university or are holding important positions within the Nunavut government.

We were also very pleased to find that so many of our past colleagues have taken on the responsibility for leading the different government departments.

That we were amazed at the growth of the community itself, is to be expected, but what we found even more amazing was the fact that in spite of this rapid growth there is a great deal of evidence that strong efforts are being made to ensure that Iqaluit retains its uniquely northern character among provincial and territorial capitals. Everyone involved is to be congratulated.

To those friends that we were able to see for only a very short time, we nevertheless thank you for your kind wishes and for any of you willing and able to make the journey this far, may we extend a warm Nova Scotia welcome.

Best wishes for Y2K to everyone,

Mungo and Jeanette Ireland
East Dover, Nova Scotia

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