The real “sleep murder” victims treated like objects


My name is Emily Eyetsiak-Bailey, and it was my mother, Oolayou, and brother, Pootoogoo Eyetsiak, who were savagely murdered in 1986, which is portrayed by the movie called “Sleep Murder.”

I would like to comment on just a very few of the many issues that have never been brought to light about this tragedy.

For instance, the government, the RCMP and all parties that were somehow part of this, have never, ever, offered any guidance, counselling, or support of any kind that could have helped us through this terrible time of our lives. Everything was so very official, as if we were just objects.

Now that I’m older, and wiser, I think, shame on every one of them!

Here are some of those facts: there were nine children who were instantly affected, and left without a mother, brother, and a home.

Many were, for one reason or another, basically left homeless, their lives constantly filled with fear and loneliness. Not to mention what my siblings, who had to walk in on that crime scene to see what had taken place that night, must feel today.

Will this be represented in the movie? I think not, because we are still just objects, not human beings.

Did they want an actual account of the events leading up to the murders? The facts of the after-effects of the murders? Where did they get the information and storyline from? The relatives of the murderer? Well they wouldn’t have a clue.

Not one of us in my family, have ever been contacted for advice, help or assistance in regard to some of the facts surrounding the events of the crime. They, the movie makers, don’t have a clue either.

What they have succeeded in doing is forcing everyone in my family to relive this tragic part of our lives, one that we thought had been put to rest.

Emily Eyetsiak-Bailey

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