Too many pregnant women smoke


I would like to bring up a topic that arises once every few years, but is always quickly forgotten about.

Most women in our culture stop drinking when they get pregnant, but why is it that many of them continue smoking? I suppose I understand human psychology enough to accept that it may occur behind closed doors, but I am absolutely amazed to see pregnant women smoking in public without a care in the world.

I’m even more surprised to see their friends, co-workers and sometimes spouses outside with them having a cigarette and laughing about one trivial thing or another.

How is it that this has become so accepted that it seems most people don’t even notice? Why do otherwise intelligent pregnant women feel comfortable having smoke-breaks at work, outside, where children and teenagers can see as they pass back and forth from school? One should expect that as a community we would do more to let these mothers know that we do not approve.

You know how hard it is to quit, and the anxiety you feel when it has been too long since your last puff. Why bring an innocent child into the world addicted to an evil you wish you could do without?

It also increases chances for autism, asthma, ADHD, infertility, low birth-weight, heart problems and dozens of other health issues for your child.

We would not stand by and watch a pregnant woman drink alcohol, so please join me in letting them know that smoking while pregnant or breast feeding is an inexcusable selfish act. We realize it’s hard, but for the love of your unborn child please try.

If you wish to print this, please do not include my name. I work with a number of pregnant smokers and would likely be assaulted.

(Name withheld by request)

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