Tourist complains about poor airline service


I would like to lodge a complaint about the ability to travel in the High Arctic.

I’ve been here four times at different times of the year and have had this problem with First Air more than once.

Not only is the travel expensive, but the schedules are sparse, and when they cancel flights they make no effort to rebook you on another available flight. Most recently I was in Resolute Bay when the Wednesday flight was cancelled due to weather.

It didn’t seem that bad, but that is the airlines call for safety — but, to then not fly the next day and not call to make some other arrangement is inexcusable.

I’m a surgeon who has a schedule I must meet and I was there for five days waiting for a flight.

My polar bear hunt was extremely successful, with wonderful people, but trying to leave on any kind of changed schedule has been a nightmare.

For the amount of money they charge for the ticket, the service should be much better.

R. Douglas Yajko, M.D.
Denver, Colorado
[email protected]

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