True, solid northerners will make changes


Even though I have some experience in politics in the North for over 10 years on a replacement job in landholding corporations and municipal services, I feel compelled to comment on Mr. Matthews’ statement on his defeat in the electoral race as mayor of Iqaluit.

He commented he felt like an old white boy who has to go and make room for a new young Inuk.

This is unacceptable, and shows he feels he’s losing power in controlling one’s own dominance and self-gravity. This attitude never works or will never succeed in northern politics.

Only truth, dignity, sincerity in one’s own heritage in any race, loyality, and respect for others, and solid team-work will triumph in the North.

There will always be no other way than that. People like Annie Gordon should be taken more seriously and taken notice with respect, and congratulated for their efforts to make changes in politics in the North as true, solid northerners.

Jeannie Simiunie

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