Two blackouts leave Iqaluit without power, prompting school closures

Two city-wide blackouts left Iqaluit without power for more than two hours this morning. The first outage, which happened at approximately 9 a.m., was resolved 25 minutes later. The second, occurring just before 10 a.m., lasted until just before noon. As a result, the Iqaluit District Education Authority closed all schools for the rest of the day. The Trois-Soleils School will be open this afternoon. The Qulliq Energy Corp says the outage was caused by an unspecified issue in the power generation system. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Dustin Patar

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  1. Posted by missing on

    School is closed this afternoon because the power was out 11? Didn’t schools close in April, so they have tons of lost learning to make up? And if there’s an outbreak it could close again. And there’s tons of sunlight streaming through the windows. Huh.

  2. Posted by Really on

    Really –I call BS.
    Iqaluit: a 2 hour power failure shut down schools. As long as basic systems are connected to the school generator, school should not close. I realize in some communities/schools there are issues with backup generators and basic systems don’t work properly. I have difficulty believing that all Iqaluit schools have issues with back-up generators. Seems like an excuse.
    In our community –power out for an hour or two is nothing– we’re adaptable and carry on. A bit windy in Iqaluit yesterday, but sunny: take the kids outside.

  3. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    Agree, if schools have generators which will provide basic services (lights, water, heat, ventilation) then schools should remain open. Sure you may have to turn off half the lights, curtail or reduce computer use, turn down the temperature a couple degrees, etc., but you should be able to finish school for the day. I could see if this happened late in the school day, but that was not the case. Schools and the Dept of Education need to review their procedures/parameters.
    As far as the Quilliq Energy Corp response, it’s really saying only that the problem was in the generation of the power (the diesel generators), and not in the distribution of the power. This is really a non-answer. NN needs to recognize a non-answer when they see it, refine the question if need be, or call out the organization for the non-answer.
    Who is holding Quilliq’s feet to the fire? What is the standard for Quilliq’s provision of power? How does this incident fit in? Questions that need to be asked and answered.
    Accountability people. Things don’t improve unless you hold people accountable for mistakes or substandard services.

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