Two cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Nunavik

Two Inukjuak residents were infected while in the south

Nunavik health officials say that two Inukjuak residents tested positive for COVID-19 this week. (File photo)

By Sarah Rogers

Nunavik health officials have confirmed two new cases of COVID-19 in the region.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services says that two people in Inukjuak tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

The two cases are related and both individuals were infected while in the south, the health board said on Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Both are now in isolation, and any people they may have been in contact with have been asked to self-isolate as well.

“Public Health continues to monitor the situation and will advise if any additional measures have to be put in place,” the health board said.

Inukjuak has seen two other isolated cases of COVID-19 this year: one in April and another in September.

There is one other individual with an active case in the region, in Kuujjuaq. Overall, Nunavik has seen a total of 31 cases of the virus; excluding the three current cases, all the individuals affected have since recovered.

“Everyone should keep up with basic measures such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands, keeping a two-metre distance, coughing and sneezing in the elbow and staying home when flu-like symptoms are present,” the health board said in a Nov. 25 news release.

Anyone who has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, an unusual cough, difficulty breathing or loss of sense of taste or smell, should contact Nunavik’s COVID-19 health line at 1-888-662-7482.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Isolating before Going Home on

    Nunavik residents should be required to isolate in hubs before travelling to their community. If the virus is still getting in, then someone is not taking care to isolate properly. The same holds true for Nunavut residents – someone isn’t caring enough when they travel north carrying the virus. There’s a weak link somewhere.

    • Posted by Agree on

      Yes I agree, there’s a weak link somewhere. Not to be too critical of how the authorities are handling the protocol, but more needs to be done to ensure people respect the protocol. It’s very possible that the individuals are unintentionally becoming infected and getting by the protective barriers onward to home. Yes, health board needs to reevaluate.

    • Posted by Hubs aren’t that great.. on

      Isolation hubs have proven costly while still leading to hundreds of cases in Nunavut, and Nunavik doesn’t have as much as them to set up a hub system. So I don’t see those being instituted for Nunavik any time soon

      • Posted by The Old Trapper on

        I think if you look at it there’s only been two cases of the Winnipeg hub not working. The first resulted in one case in Sanikiluaq which was then passed to a second person. That outbreak now appears to have ended.
        The second was a single case in Arviat which was spread within Arviat and also to both Whale Cove and Rankin Inlet.
        So basically two initial cases resulting in over 150 infections in just a few weeks which highlights the nature of the coronavirus and the necessity of using strict counter measures.

        • Posted by Hubs aren’t that great… for the cost on

          Ultimately, Nunavik has nowhere near enough money to pay for hubs as Nunavut has done. And without hubs, Nunavik has so far managed to have fewer cases, despite more direct access with one of the epicentres of Covid in Canada. IF Nunavik had the money I guess I wouldn’t mind a hub system. But overall, if there is no way to pay for it, I don’t know why we would start now… Especially if hubs have been put in place for Nunavut, yet have led to more transmission up north than the system of arrival Nunavik has at the moment.
          I am not saying covid doesn’t need strict countermeasures by any means, don’t get me wrong. I am just saying I do not think Nunavik has the resources to set up a similar system, especially if we have recently seen they are less effective than what we currently have in Nunavik.
          In an ideal world where we had as much money as Nunavut and as much control over our affairs like they do, we would have hubs. But we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a world where Nunavik has much less money than Nunavut, much less control over travel into our communities than Nunavut, and thankfully for the moment, much less cases of covid than Nunavut. I would be surprised to see Nunavik suddenly institute a hub system.

  2. Posted by Eskimo zombie on

    I wonder if Xbox has made any new zombie games.🤔

    • Posted by Nunavimmiu on

      Yes!! OMG its so awesome. Warzone also had a zombie mode and it was epic!

  3. Posted by People don’t care on

    People are not taking the 14 day self-isolation seriously.
    In Kuujjuaq, people are going about their normal lives after just returning from Montreal and Nunavut.
    Absolutely no care for their community members – just themselves. Why can’t people entering the region wake up and take it serious?

  4. Posted by This is Nunavik on

    Nunavik has lots of interactive people. Getting a few cases of covid here and there it s not so concerning, but beware of wild fire spread like , if there’s any significant breakout in numbers. So far it’s not that way. We don’t have the same education level of authorities as in Nunavut. Yes, we have educated professionals, but our side line local workers are not so educated. Point in case: the director of Nunavik board of health and social services goes on local radio, upset about the spread of rumours re the covid. Yes, appears inappropriate to be upset with the population about the rumour spread. If professionals are getting upset, and spending concerns on rumours, and speaking upset, treating the people like children about not to be spreading rumors , then we are therefore really in trouble. The uneducated shows itself. Professionals shouldn’t even go there , just ignore , not speak at the population like they are childlike, but like I indicated, they are uneducated. Professionals need to manage the covid reality, rumors manage themselves. The world is full of rumors, let’s not be consumed by them.

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