Two COVID-19 cases remain as recoveries continue in Arviat

No new cases to start the week, but four recoveries reported Monday

The number of active COVID-19 cases fell to two on Monday as the Government of Nunavut reported four recoveries and no new cases. (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

By Nunatsiaq News

There are only two active COVID-19 cases in all of Nunavut, as of Monday, Premier Joe Savikataaq says.

The Government of Nunavut did not report any new cases to start the week, but said there had been four more recoveries since Sunday’s update.

The two remaining cases are in Arviat, which, since January, has been the only community in the territory with active cases. Savikataaq said 10,279 people across the territory have received at least one dose of a vaccine and 6,039 have received both doses that are required to be considered fully vaccinated.

In total, Nunavut has experienced 383 cases since COVID-19 was first detected in Sanikiluaq last November. There has only been one related death reported in Nunavut – back in December.

In early January, the territory’s caseload dropped to zero, but the virus returned to Arviat later that month.

Across Canada, there have been 909,157 cases reported and more than 22,463 deaths as of Sunday, the federal government’s COVID-19 website says.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by Answers on

    Still no answer to this day as to how it arrived in the western region. It was asked in November and as far as I know never answered. Did the hubs fail? Was it an airline worker who skipped quarantine? Rcmp who didn’t follow protocol? Tell the public what happened.

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      No one knows for sure. But the smart money says that an asymptomatic carrier brought the virus back via the hub. That is the most statistically plausible explanation as to how the virus entered the territory.

    • Posted by Steve on

      Premier JOE was asked about doing report or investigate Covid cases by MLA, he’s said no plans to share info to the public. GN we want answers, what happen,,, please tell us

      • Posted by Name withheld on

        Right , we don’t want to know the names . All we are is how the individual was able to get virus when he is she was suppose to be isolating two weeks prior to arriving in Nunavut.

        Also With the 20 Million spent on mainly the hubs and the airline, you would have thought the airline would provided cheaper seats to travel within Nunavut but no it was a lot cheaper to go Ottawa and Winnipeg, likely cause a lot of unnecessary travel to south for a lot of people. (Ie Not medical)

        What will become of the isolation hubs if a individual ever catches the variant from Africa ? No way of stopping it from entering Nunavut . Go figure…

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