U.S. aircraft grounded in Iqaluit takes off for Greenland

Flight with five crew was grounded yesterday after it was unable to land

A U.S. aircraft, pictured here, was grounded in Iqaluit yesterday morning after it was unable to land in Thule, Greenland. Five crew members were on board and were transported to a local hotel. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Emma Tranter

(Updated, April 24 at 12 p.m.)

A U.S. aircraft grounded in Iqaluit departed for Thule, Greenland at 5:30 a.m. this morning with all passengers onboard.

The aircraft was grounded yesterday in Iqaluit after it couldn’t land at its destination.

“Earlier today, a commercial U.S.-registered aircraft flying to Thule, Greenland, was unable to land and was diverted to Iqaluit,” Premier Joe Savikataaq said in a news release April 23.

The plane, a freighter aircraft, had five crew members on board and was met by Canadian Border Services and Nunavut airport authorities, the release said.

“CBSA cleared the crew as they had no symptoms and temperatures were normal when taken on board,” the release said.

The Government of Nunavut and the chief public health officer were immediately notified of the diversion.

Using personal protective equipment, enhanced safety measures and physical distancing, the crew were transported to a local hotel.

“They will be confined to their rooms with security, for the duration of their stay in Iqaluit,” the release said.

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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by Very troubled on

    This is very troubling. The CBSA cleared the crew because they had no symptoms!!! Haven’t they read basic information about this virus!! You can be without symptoms for two weeks. These people better be tested and everyone who had contact with them too!!! Why didn’t they just gas them up on the tarmac and send them on their way!!!!

    • Posted by Unik on

      Did you read the rest of the article?
      They’re still being kept isolated. They won’t be in contact with anyone from the public.

      • Posted by Anthony Baker on

        That’s besides the point. They shouldn’t be here period! We are the ONLY province/territory in this country (probably in the world) that doesn’t have any cases of COVID-19. How do we know they just didn’t come here figure out why is that case?!?!?!?

  2. Posted by Between Two Worlds on

    I’m not internet savvy and don’t really know how to look for info on the net (I’m old, I get it!) but I did look up ATI and the site had crossed out not being able to land in Greenland. For Iqaluit to take them in alarmed me as you don’t know where these 5 crew members are from in America and who they have come into contact with before the flight (anyone please enlighten me). Border services should have just told them we will refuel you and bring you food but you can’t deplane and leave as soon as lawfully allowed. Now they are in the community in direct contact with hotel clerks and housekeeping. One giant bug I say you might have let in. Exactly how long are they in Iqaluit for? It wasn’t reported (again enlighten me if I’m wrong).

    • Posted by Virus on

      The flight left early Friday morning. It looks like they make regular trips to Thule Airforce Base. Was the plague just let in to Nunavut?

      • Posted by Coming Soon on

        The virus is on its way in about a week or so with a large shipment of teachers from the south who are returning to keep their seats warm despite the schools being closed for the year. If you can make sens eof that situation, please let us know. The government certainly hasn’t done so.

  3. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    Remember when all of this coronavirus was just starting and there was a cruise ship off the coast of California, which Mr. Trump did not want to let dock as a small number of passengers were thought to have coronavirus. Mr. Trump delayed that ship from docking until coronavirus tests were delivered and the results known.
    There were a large number of Canadians on that cruise ship. Mr. Trump had zero concern for our citizens, just as he had zero concern for our citizens when he first told 3M not to export any N95 masks to Canada.
    Perhaps we should have told the crew of this aircraft to wait until they had been tested in order to land in Canada. Maybe we should impound and confiscate the aircraft and just send the crew back.
    And for the people in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta – WAKE UP! STAY HOME! The rest of us are following the rules. Look at PEI and NB, they know how important it is to get rid of the virus.

    • Posted by Why u dum on

      Old trapper, are you that old that you do not realize that 2 wrongs never make 1 right. Come on man. We showed old trump how to do it right.

  4. Posted by I guess on

    One of the crew members must be a former teacher. Nope, correction: they were one of the other many GN departments that can work from anywhere in the world. Continuity of learning! One thing that is certain, is the ability of the leadership and government officials to continuously boondoggle everything under their power.

  5. Posted by Tuutalik on

    How many came into contact with any of the crew? I wonder if they can test anyone who came into contact with any of the crew, would that be feasible?

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