Waiting eight years for a house


I’ve been waiting for a house for almost eight years now. I’m tired of waiting for a house.

I asked the housing manager in Clyde River to see if there were any houses available and he said that only people with families get houses, and people with kids.

So I asked him, “If I get kids would I be able to get a house from housing?”

He said that if I get kids it will be easier to get a house from them. So what is Nunavut Housing trying to tell me? Are they trying to say “Get more kids?” Are they making the problem bigger by saying “If you get kids we will give you a house.”

To me that’s discrimination, because I do not want kids right now, but I want to get a house. I waited too long and they shouldn’t tell people to get kids just so that they can get a house.

Nick Illauq
Clyde River

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