Walrus for breakfast

A polar bear stalks a group of walruses on Walrus Island in the western Hudson Strait. One Ocean expedition participants watched from zodiacs early in the morning on Aug. 4 as the bear sniffed around the walrus for over an hour. Although the bear eventually turned back, the walruses were spooked enough to dive into the water. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Emma Tranter

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  1. Posted by NorthStar on

    Tourists molesting a polar bear hunt, I’m sure the bear was saying “thank you” with the middle paw. The prey would have been more alert seeing a boat, the bear thus looses the element of surprise. Not a good way to protect the polar bear, has been know “to leave alone” is a good form of protection. Please take heed to an old non substance practice /knowledge. Believe there have been concerns with tourists affecting marine life and activities, but on the other hand, “as long as the money keeps talking”, don’t know if they will get protection.

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