Welcome to Snotville


The current rumblings by a few individuals about having to live near a homeless shelter, and the subsequent comments about revisiting the city’s general plan gave me an idea. One individual suggested that in future developments of a subdivision, the city should note future use of a said lot for instances such as this.

I have a better idea. The city when developing a new subdivision should allow for segregated lots entitled “Snotville.”

With this exclusive society come higher taxes, and the development of Snotville would be borne entirely by the lot owners (of course, still leased and not owned).

As for the threat of an election, shucks, for those bold enough to show compassion and humility for the homeless, rest assured you three will definitely get my vote and I am sure countless others feel the same way.

Thank God, Iqalungmiut voted against privatization of lands.

Gideonie Joamie

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