What goes around comes around


Saturday, March 2 was such a beautiful day that I thought I would go out walking around just to be out in the wonderful sunshine. I went into Arctic Ventures to look around, saw a parka and tried it on. I hung my purse on the end of a clothes rack, tried on the coat then put the coat back.

It wasn’t until I got to Northmart that I realized that I had left my purse still hanging on the rack. Immediately, I ran back to Ventures to retrieve the purse but, of course, it was not there. Someone had stolen it from the rack hoping that there would be a nice sum of cash in it. Well, the joke is on them because I think that all I had in it was maybe $20.

I went straight home to report the purse stolen and to cancel all of my credit cards. I was quite upset that someone could be so horrible and dishonest and I often wonder if people who would steal a purse rather than turn it in actually have a conscience. I mean, do they not know any better? Do they not realize that that is a violation of one’s privacy? Anyway, my faith in humanity that day went on quite the downward curve.

The upswing to this whole story is that, early the following week, my

boyfriend got a call from a young man saying that he had found my wallet (but not the purse that it was in) and most of its contents were still in it. I got in touch with him right away and he dropped it off at my office.

This is the really interesting part. There is a saying that “What goes

around comes around” and I believe this to be true. When I was about 14 or 15, I found a lady’s purse on the street and I contacted her right away, once I figured out who owned it. She was very appreciative and couldn’t thank me enough. Here it is, years later, and the same thing happens to me. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

I’ve never ever lost my purse before but as soon as I did, the same wonderful gesture that I made years ago was granted back to me. As I said before, I believe that what goes around comes around, so I take comfort in knowing that the thief who stole my purse will be rewarded for his/her actions sometime in life.

I would like to thank Andre Doucet of Iqaluit for being such an honest and decent person for tracking me down and returning the wallet that someone stole. That day, my faith in humanity went on the upward curve when only days before it was headed in the opposite direction. It’s people like Andre that make this world a better place. He has shown himself to be an excellent role model and I believe that he will accomplish much in his life.

Jackie Bourgeois

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