What’s in the report?

Coalition concerned that river diversion will increase freshwater flow to Hudson Bay and James Bay


The “Conformity Assessment” makes several detailed recommendations for changes to Hydro-Quebec’s environmental impact statement, such as including more information on the cumulative impacts of the La Grande project of the 1970s.

Since that project’s construction, ice break-up has been occurring later in the Hudson Bay and James Bay – despite rising temperatures. At the same time, the ice-free season along the Ontario coastline of the bay, in a region less directly affected by the La Grande complex, has been lengthening.

The report calls for more study on the flow, nutrient content and temperature of water flowing into the Hudson Bay-James Bay watershed.

The EIS doesn’t talk about the trans-boundary impacts of the proposed hydroelectric project, says the report, and “there is no basis for ignoring this important key issue.”

The report calls for the creation of a new inter-jurisdictional monitoring and mitigation body, with officials and experts from governments, project proponents, academics and community members: “Pretending that there is no issue is not an acceptable solution. The stakes are much too high.”

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