Who’s old enough to sell carvings?


I would like the Frobisher Inn dining room in Iqaluit and others in town to put up some sort of proof or documentation that shows Inuit that are not 19 years and older are not allowed in the dining room to sell carvings.

I say this because the manager is not allowing Inuit into the dining room to sell art if the person is not 19 or over, even if they are with a parent trying to sell art, but they still allow children to eat in the dining room even if they are not 19 or over.

I really would like the difference pointed out to me about this.

It is high time that we start pointing out discrimination when it is being practised by some people who think they have no time for locals or northerners just because they are Inuit. This is Inuit country and some people should be more courteous to the locals, because if most locals were more career-minded, some of these people would not have the high-paying jobs they hold now, or have any clout anywhere else. So be more kind to the locals, be they Inuit or otherwise.

This may sound like something negative, but it is not fun when we let some people get away with what we know is against the law but we just don’t do anything about it. And don’t try to argue about the high-paying job because this is true, we all know that.

Jeannie Eeseemailee

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