Why are researchers always right?

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Mounting a radio transmitter on the dorsal ridge of a beluga whale, which the beluga uses to break holes in pack ice so it can breathe, is that not jeopardizing the whale’s survival?

What’s more, if the radio transmitter creates drag, there’s a chance that the beluga is likely to be catching less fish and having a smaller chance to flee polar bears and killer whales.

As in all cases throughout the world concerning the natives of every country, the natives of Canada have become the “bad” people of the land, with the Europeans doing the right moves to sustain their own will, including putting the natives into the courts of their own system.

The hands of the Europeans seem so well-washed of any blame, when it comes to endangering the environment and the Earth’s inhabitants, global warming seems to have arrived by natural means.

If the federal researchers were to find an oil reserve along the beluga migration trail, I believe governments would start offshore oil production along the beluga migration trail, then still find a way to assure the Inuit that offshore oil drilling will not endanger the sea mammals in any way.

With a government that is able to send troops overseas to tell to control and show another nation how to live, we Inuit can be sure that the same government will surely control the lives of the Inuit in Canada and still justify their own knowledge of how to ruin the people’s lives and their environment.

Johnny Qitsualik

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