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Wolves around Kuujjuaq, Iqaluit


Recently, there have been many sightings of wolves around Kuujjuaq, with as many as four together.

At the same time, caribou are far from the community, leading to speculation that the wolves may be turning to dogs to feed their own pups.

During the past few weeks, more than 10 dogs have been killed by a wolf or a pack of wolves around Kuujjuaq.

One woman recently woke up at 5 a.m. to see a wolf just outside her apartment eating a puppy which it had just killed.

Most of the dogs killed to date are sled dogs that are picketed outside the community, with one sled dog owner losing a total of five small dogs.

The first reports of wolf-kills came last winter near cabins just outside the community, where residents said they had seen two dogs, which had been killed and eaten.

Wildlife officers in Iqaluit have also warned people about wolves entering the community at night. Up to six wolves have been spotted in the city and Apex. The late arrival of caribou is to blame.

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